Berlin is the largest city in Germany and has a history like no other. The infamous Berlin Wall divided the city for 28 years until it was torn down amidst waves of euphoria on November 9, 1989. Berlin became the German capital once again in July 1990.

T here is a tangible energy about Berlin. Its nightlife is lively; its museums world-class; its music, art and theatre scene second to none. There is a sense of living history around each corner with monuments, palaces and remnants of the infamous wall all testifying to the city’s tumultuous past. Take your time and let the spirit of this enthralling city wash over you. Stroll down Unter den Linden, the stately broad boulevard which is fast resuming its prewar role as the city’s principal thoroughfare. The best surviving examples of Prussian architecture can be seen along the way. Cross the attractive Schlossbrucke which features eight clusters of marble statutes depicting the training of a Greek warrior. While the Deutsches Historisches Museum is being restored you can see some of its collection displayed in the elegant Kronprinzen-Palais.

Continuing on down Unter Den Linden you’ll see the restored

BerlinNeue Wache – Germany’s central memorial to the victims of fascism and militarism. It houses the tombs of an unknown soldier, a resistance fighter and a concentration camp victim as well as a sculpture by Kathe Kollwitz. The famous Brandenburger Tor – the last surviving city gate – lies at the western end of Unter Den Linden. A two-wheeled chariot drawn by four houses known as the Quadriga sits on top of the gate. Once marking the boundary between East and West Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is now a symbol of unity. Check out the Reichstag which lies just north of the Gate. Constructed in 1894, the reunification of Germany was officially carried out here in October 1990. Don’t miss sneaking a look at Potsdamer Platz – slowly being redeveloped after years of being bisected by the wall. Part of experiencing Berlin is taking part in its extensive nightlife. For nightclubs head for the Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain districts. For theatres head for Friedrichstrasse and Ku’damm. Head just about anywhere for pubs or restaurants. Berlin offers every type of cuisine you could possibly imagine. And a stay here is an unforgettable experience.

A good travel tip for Berlin is the app ‘Berlin Was Machen‘ (German only, Nov 2019). It shows you the many possibilites about what to do in Berlin in a sorted way.