The Lake Geneva Region – technically the canton of Vaux – is diverse, with three distinctive areas: the Jura mountains to the west, the relatively level plains of the Mittelland in the centre and the Alps to the east. It has something for everyone. It is a MUST for every travel itinerary in switzerland. Lausanne, Continue Reading

Valais is perhaps the most beautiful region in all of Switzerland. It is home to the Matterhorn, probably the most famous mountain in the world, and 50 other mountains that reach over 4000 metres; the Aletsch Glacier, the longest glacier in Europe; the world’s highest mountain railways and a range of spectacular ice caves. There Continue Reading

A land that conjures up images of breathtaking mountains, beautiful lakes, Alpine villages, chocolates, cowbells and fields of edelweiss is a land with the power to seduce… Landlocked by France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria and Italy, Switzerland takes up an area of 41,295 square kilometres and is home to 6.9 million people. More than 60 percent Continue Reading