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"Berat is also known as the "town of a thousand windows" due to the array of ottoman houses bordering the hill."keepcalmandtravel.com
"Berat: the town of a thousand windows."myfeetaremeanttoroam.com
"Berat is probably the most authentic town."happyfrogtravels.com
"Berat is probably the most authentic, rich and complete example of a typical Balkan style town."happyfrogtravels.com
"Berat is sometimes called "the city of a thousand windows" and is one of Albania's greatest architectural gems."chasingthedonkey.com
"Berat is known as the City of a Thousand Eyes, for its distinctive architecture composed of white buildings with many large windows that resemble eyes."peanutsorpretzels.com

Northeast Albania

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(Albania) Berat has a population of 117,066. The nearest city of Berat is Skopje. It fits perfect for a cultural trip. This town is located in center Albania.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Berat, Albania (plan Albania itineraries) - 10 Best Places To Visit In Berat - Hike Or Drive Up To Berat Kalaja Or Berat Castle - To

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The very best things to do in Berat Albania, including Berat Castle and a day trip to Osumi Canyon – plus instructions for how to


The best things to do in Berat

Explore Mangalemi Old Town

How long to spend in Berat?

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The Old Town of Berat is full of rustic footpaths that follow the contours of the hills and the beautiful Ottoman-era houses. ...

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Eat & drink

The long brushstroke of chestnut-coloured rooftops that make up Berat’s historic centre is painted through the Osum river valley.

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Berat Albania has a great range of local restaurants serving up a great range of local specialities , and foodies will love spendi


Berat Castle

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Berat castle is a large complex, and part of it is still inhabited. The line between what is a part of the archaeological site, an

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Berat is one of the most pleasant cities in Albania. It’s more of a town, really, given its small size and population, but the his

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We came to a corner of the castle that had a huge staircase going down and we did stop and buy some fresh strawberries from a girl

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Here is a detailed list of the best hotels in Berat, Albania for you. We’ve covered all the bases from luxurious 5-star Berat hote


Heraklis Hotel

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Set in a beautifully restored 16th-century Ottoman house, family-run Maya Hostel is one of Berat’s newest offerings and one of my

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This is probably the best-value accommodation in Berat. Rooms are super simple but spotlessly clean. We really liked the self-ch

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