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"Tirana is a completely new destination for me, and I love the art that's shown here."travelwithmk.com
"Tirana is a cesspool of carbon dioxide and honking horns."francistapon.com
"Tirana is worth stopping by - it's a lively, colorful and fascinating place."chasingthedonkey.com
"Tirana is home to a number of museums including the National Historic Museum, the House of Leaves and the Mezuraj Museum."eatsleeplovetravel.com
"Tirana is a lively city at night and a good place to stay."travellingclaus.com
"Tirana is home to this wonderful gallery, which not only looks impressive from the outside but is also fantastically fascinating on the inside."chasingthedonkey.com

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Tirana International Airport Mother Teresa (TIA)

About Tirana

Tirana is a town with over 374,801 people. In addition, Tirana is the famous capital of Albania. It is well known for the nice nightlife. In addition, Tirana is located in center Albania (more about Albania). It gives you the possibility to relax next toby a lake. In addition, Tirana is perfect for a cultural trip.

Things to do

This handy travel guide highlights the most important things to do in Tirana and features tips for restaurants and accommodation.


1) Things to do in Tirana

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Best Things To Do In Tirana, Albania (plan Albania itineraries) - What To Do In Tirana: 15+ Tirana Tourist Attractions - Go To The Enver Hoxha Pyramid Alba


Best Things To Do In Tirana, Albania

Try The Local Beer In The Old Warehouse

Learn Some Things At The National History Museum

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When I told people I was going to visit Tirana, Albania for a holiday weekend, I got a lot of strange looks. Naysayers and scaredy

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Eat & drink

Best Restaurants In Tirana: Where To Eat & Drink In Tirana, Albania (plan Albania itineraries) - Best Restaurants In Tirana - Sky Club Restaurant Most peop


Salt Restaurant

Oda Restaurant

Padam Restaurant

Otium Restaurant

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Because Albania is an affordable travel destination, you’re able to enjoy incredible meals for a fraction of what they would cost

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Head over to Blloku where you'll find the best restaurants and bars in Tirana beside the 2 places we recommend below. ...

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The Palace of Culture sits on the Square’s eastern flank and includes Tirana’s Opera and Ballet Theatre as well as the National Li

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Only have one day in Tirana? My Tirana itinerary covers the best city sights plus a few hidden gems to give you a perfect introduc


The perfect one day in Tirana itinerary

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Although Tirana was established in 1614, it was inhabited long before that in the Bronze Ages, and once occupied by the Roman an


Comfy And Cheap Hotels In Tirana

Cheap Hostels In Tirana

Central Hotel Tirana

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Searching for unique accommodation in Tirana, Albania? It’s probably my favourite capital in the Balkans I spent 10 days in Tirana


Where to stay in Tirana

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With lots of places to stay, it can be hard to decide where to stay, which leads to decision fatigue and the inability to make your mind up. ...

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