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Quatro de Fevereiro Airport (LAD)

About Luanda

Luanda is a big city in the country Angola with a population of 2,776,168. Further adore the beautiful walks along the sea at Luanda. This big city is located in center Angola (visit Angola itineraries). Further the nearest city of Luanda is N'dalatando. It is the capital of Angola (see itineraries).

Things to do

If you have more time and can arrange transport, I highly recommend visiting some places around the capital city. Some popular sights are the Ship’s Cemetery and Miradouro da Lua. ...

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If you would like to use the internet, and especially if you’re traveling outside the capital, I highly recommend buying a local prepaid SIM card. Unitel has the best coverage, and I purchased one of their SIM cards. When going to a store to buy a SIM card, bring your passport with you.

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Luanda is expensive when it comes to accommodation. I tried to choose the most budget-friendly option but also checked the reviews and opted for a hotel that offered a free airport transfer. I highly recommend arranging your transport before your arrival because if there are any taxi drivers at the airport, they will ...

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