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"Buenos Aires is an uber cosmopolitan city full of life, grand European architecture, and cheap things."llworldtour.com
"Buenos Aires is a very interesting city, filled with tango in the parks, some amazing food and beautiful street art."pretravels.com
"Buenos Aires is full of a rich and diverse culture thanks to its extensive immigration."traveltoblank.com
"Buenos Aires is a historic red brick granary transformed with Phillip Starck's bold designs."travel2next.com
"Buenos Aires is one of the liveliest cities I have ever been to."albomadventures.com
"Buenos Aires is known as the Paris (more about Paris itineraries) of the South, with its rich history, culture and gastronomy."traveltoblank.com

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Southeast Argentina

Buenos Airess location

Buenos Aires at a glance

Street Art
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3-5 nights


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Around Buenos Aires


Jorge Newbery Airpark (AEP)

Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE)

El Palomar Airport (EPA)

Colonia Airport (CYR)

La Plata Airport (LPG)

About Buenos Aires

(Argentina) Buenos Aires has a population of 2,776,138. Furthermore, Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina (more about Argentina). Buenos Aires fits perfect for a cultural trip. Furthermore, adore the wonderful walks along the sea at Buenos Aires. It gives you the possibility to relax next toby a river. Furthermore, Buenos Aires is in the west of Argentina.

Things to do

Buenos Aires is not specially the city for tourists who love attractions and wonders. But when you ask around what people like the


5. Discover Chinatown

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There are many things that make Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, so special. So what is there to do in Buenos Aires an

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It is easy to fall in love with Buenos Aires. With its beautiful architecture, its wide boulevards and its friendly inhabitants, t


#7 See the tomb of Argentina’s national hero, San Martin

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Eat & drink

When we poked around Buenos Aires earlier this year, our food quests were focused not only on understanding Argentine cuisine but


Sarkis Armenian Restaurant

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First let’s get one thing straight: The food in Argentina is really delicious. There’s only one issue: it’s really, really repetit

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The best part of Colonia del Sacramento (Colonia del Sacramento in detail), though, is the incredible amount of quaint restaurants, bars and cafes it has. And nearly

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. provided us with a discounted rate for this parrilla food tour. Despite this, we maintain complete editorial control when worki

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You should prepare yourself for long meals. You’ll sit at the table for a while before you’re brought the menu, and there’s no rus

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I try and get a tattoo for every new continent I visit and I had yet to visit a shop in South America. I had been saving it for Bu

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Buenos Aires is an eclectic mixture of European opulence and Latino passion. Located on South America’s western Atlantic coast, it

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However, with limited time it can be hard picking which places to see this time and which places might be better left for next tim


The Perfect 3-Day Buenos Aires Itinerary

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The sprawling Argentine capital of Buenos Aires is vast enough to keep you occupied for a lifetime, but if you only have 48 hours

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Here are my top things to do in Buenos Aires that you can’t afford to miss whilst here. ...

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Buenos Aires is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Latin American. LGBT rights in Argentina are quite evolved compar

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Before you get your dancing shoes on, you will first have to pick a hotel. The only way you cant truly experience Buenos Aires to


Quick answer: The Best Boutique Hotels in Buenos Aires

Conclusion to the Best Boutique Hotels in Buenos Aires

Why Mine Hotel is a Great Boutique Hotel:

Best 4-Star Boutique Hotel in Buenos Aires

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In Buenos Aires, there are lots of great boutique and luxury hotels. The Four Seasons and Alvear Palace are located in the Recolet

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