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"El Calafate is located in the Patagonian steppe, dry and dramatic."stridetravel.com
"El Calafate is far south, and is the place to go if you want to experience the Perito Moreno glacier."runawaybrit.com
"El Calafate is walker friendly, and small enough for visitors to walk from one place to the other."myadventuresacrosstheworld.com
"El Calafate is one of the places to visit in Argentina (visit Argentina itineraries) - no doubt about that."myadventuresacrosstheworld.com
"El Calafate is one of the more expensive places for accommodation in Argentina due to its remote location and popularity."nomadasaurus.com
"El Calafate is one of the best places to go hiking in Patagonia, since it is very well connected to the rest of Argentina both via plane and bus."myadventuresacrosstheworld.com

South Argentina

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About El Calafate

El Calafate is a village with a population of 8,000. Besides El Calafate gives you the possibility to relax atby a lake. El Calafate is located in the southeast of Argentina (visit Argentina itineraries). Besides the nearest big city is Mendoza (visit Mendoza itineraries).

Things to do

El Calafate is a town along the border of Los Glaciares National Park and is the major hub for people looking to explore Perito Me


How many days do you need in El Calafate?

Explore Perito Moreno Glacier

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El Calafate is a small town located in Patagonia within the most southern region of Argentina. Given its location, it’s not exactl

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El Calafate, Argentina is one of my favorite Patagonian towns. So, on my second visit, I looked a little closer and finally fell i

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Eat & drink

El Calafate is most famous as the gateway to the Perito Moreno glacier. Located 80km from town, the Perito Moreno draws all manner

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Check outmy Instagram stories to see Live stories as well as food suggestions here. ...

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El Calafate is more developed with a broader range of services than other smaller towns or villages. However, at 210 kilometers (a

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In November, I partnered with G Adventures to offer their 14-day Hiking Patagonia in Depth itinerary as an exclusive Bearfoot Theo


The Itinerary

G Adventures itinerary started in Buenos Aires

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I spent 3 days in Calafate which was just the right amount of time, It wasn’t too rushed and I didn’t get bored of the place. You

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El Chaltén is much smaller than El Calafate but equally impressive. Actually, El Chaltén is home to quite a few wonderful hotels.


Hotels in the City Center

Hotels Near or Inside the National Park Los Glaciares

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El Chaltén es todavía más pequeño que El Calafate, pero igual de bonito. Es más, hay hoteles preciosos en El Chaltén. La Hosteria

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