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"Dilijan is famous for its velvet wooded forests and fresh healthy air filled with pine aromas."bbqboy.net
"Dilijan is the Armenia (plan Armenia itineraries)n Switzerland."wanderlustmovement.org
"Dilijan is popular for hiking in the nearby Dilijan National Park."lostwithpurpose.com
"Dilijan is famous for its mineral springs, picturesque landscapes, medieval monasteries and the cleanest lakes."everysteph.com
"Dilijan is a popular holiday resort in Armenia (more about Armenia itineraries)."lostwithpurpose.com

Middle Armenia

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About Dilijan

At Dilijan live 17,712 people. This village is in the center of Armenia. The nearest neighbour city is Yerevan.

Things to do

My jam-packed itinerary in Armenia meant that there are places I wish I could have explored even more in-depth but didn’t get the

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Dilijan is choke-full of monasteries, one more beautiful than others in very picturesque settings but that’s a problem. There is a


Dilijan Town

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Eat & drink

Fresh grilled fish is the most amazing thing here. There are a lot of resorts scattered around Lake Sevan and around Dilijan as we

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. is a dream for travelers to visit. But one of the biggest draws to visiting Dilijan is its people. As a result, they’re the rea

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. and it took me 30 minutes to get to Dilijan from Lake Sevan. There are plenty of nice resorts which are great especially for su

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