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"Yerevan is one of my favorite cities."mywanderlust.pl
"Yerevan is a wonderful city rich in history and culture and shouldn't be overlooked."owlovertheworld.com
"Yerevan is graced with over 10 museums and I visited 3 of them when I was there."dontstopliving.net
"Yerevan is also known as the pink city because of the color of the buildings."owlovertheworld.com
"Yerevan is one of the world's oldest inhabited cities, constructed 29 years before Rome (plan Rome itineraries)."annaeverywhere.com
"Yerevan is also a great example of the Soviet city, with the center planned as circular to resemble the sun."mywanderlust.pl

South Armenia

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Idr Airport (IGD)

Zvartnots International Airport (EVN)

About Yerevan

Yerevan is a big city in Armenia (see itineraries) with a population of 1,074,751. Yerevan is in southeast Armenia. Sharur District is the name of the nearest neighbour city.

Things to do

YEREVAN, ARMENIA - Mount Ararat through the columns of Zvartnots Cathedral in Yerevan, Armenia. YEREVAN, ARMENIA - Mount Ararat th


GUM Market

Flea Market

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The city, which dates back to the 8thcentury BC, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world at over 2,800 y

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Eat & drink

In Yerevan, there are the greatest choice of various restaurants, cafes and fast food chains so you will have no difficulty to fin

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As we were only in Yerevan for a few days and even though we honestly do try – there’s only so much we can eat. So we asked some f

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. but let me tell you, it’s yum! A traditional Armenian breakfast of eggs, lavash, creamy butter and loads of fresh herbs is a gr

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The date April 24 has never meant anything to me. As an Australian, it’s April 25 that holds significance. There’s a particular ri

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Going to Armenia will always be an exciting trip for anyone, but you will find it can be a bit overwhelming at first if you are un

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Before you hit the ground, here are a few tips for shopping in Yerevan. ...


Yerevan shopping map.

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Dreaming of a holiday in Armenia? If the answer is “yes”, this post details the essential self-guided Armenia itinerary where you


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Yerevanis the stunning capital of Armenia and the country’s largest city. The grand Soviet-era architecture alongside the city’s r


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Beautiful Yerevan is one of our favorite cities in the Caucasus. Oozing with charisma and amazing cafe culture, Yerevan begs to be


Two days in Yerevan itinerary

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Armenia’s currency is the “dram”. There are about 480-ish Armenian drams to 1 US dollar. ...

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We rented Airbnbs on both our visits to Yerevan. The city centre is dominated by apartment blocks, so if you want to stay central,

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City Center. All different types of accomodations are found, from boutique hotels to hostels. ...

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. just off Republic Square. It’s location can’t be beat! A short walk will bring you to the metro, Republic Square, Vernissage ma

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