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"Katoomba is the main town in the Blue Mountains and home to some of the star attractions."ferretingoutthefun.com
"Katoomba is the most popular city and worth staying a couple of nights if you're keen on hiking."alittleadrift.com
"Katoomba is welcoming, charming and perfectly located if you are keen on heading on some bush walks and hikes."50shadesofage.com
"Katoomba is the perfect place to base yourself for any trip to the Blue Mountains."bushwalkingblog.com.au
"Katoomba is filled with countless cafes, restaurants and shops that you can spend hours exploring and sampling some of the regions finest produce."exsplore.com
"Katoomba: Hiking escapes in Australia "annasherchand.com

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Bankstown Airport (BWU)

Camden Airport (New South Wales) (CDU)

Bathurst Airport (BHS)

About Katoomba

Katoomba is a village with a population of 18,593. Besides Katoomba is in the center of Australia. The nearest neighbour city is Sydney.

Eat & drink

Hiking was my main focus when I visited the Blue Mountains back in April but this time around it was about taking it slow, eating

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Everything we ate in the Blue Mountains was amazing, and Katoomba turned out to be a foodie heaven. ...

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Blackheath is a 13-minute train journey west of Katoomba. The 698 bus takes longer than the train but will drop you much closer to


Veg-Friendly Restaurants

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

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Worth to visit

The village of Wentworth Falls is a nine-minute train journey east of Katoomba back towards Sydney (visit Sydney itineraries). ...

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After arriving in the Blue Mountains by train, we checked into our hostel in Katoomba then set out to explore the town. ...


Blue Mountains Itinerary Day Two

Blue Mountains Itinerary Day Three

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The Discovery Pass Scenic World ticket price includes unlimited rides on all the attractions throughout the day. We only had time

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The Carrington Hotel was first opened in 1883 under the name The Great Western. It was changed to The Carrington three years later

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