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"Sydney is a great place for food and I love love love the salted caramel cronut, oyster in the fish market and bills>."belaroundtheworld.com
"Sydney (Sydney itineraries) is surrounded by stunning national parks and Australia's oldest wine-producing region, the Hunter Valley."wendyperrin.com
"Sydney is one of the world's landmark cities, and is also Australia's oldest city."davestravelcorner.com
"Sydney is one of the most icon cities in Australia (more about Australia itineraries) but it expensive!"oneworld365.org
"Sydney is widely remembered as one of the best Olympics in history, but Melbourne isn't a place to be outdone."aluxurytravelblog.com
"Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities on earth."oneworld365.org

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Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (SYD)

Bankstown Airport (BWU)

Western Sydney Airport (SWZ)

Camden Airport (New South Wales) (CDU)

About Sydney

Sydney (plan Sydney itineraries) is a world city in Australia (visit Australia itineraries) with a population of 4,627,345. Also it is well known for the nice nightlife. Enjoy the beautiful beaches at Sydney (plan Sydney itineraries). Also this world city is in center Australia (see itineraries). It is the famous capital of Australia. Also in Sydney (plan Sydney itineraries) you find many historic places. It offers you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake. Also it is great for a trip with much cultural experiences.

Things to do

If you think Sydney peaks with a selfie of the Harbour Bridge, then check out our Secret Seven recommendations brought to you by n

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There’s so much to do in and around Sydney’s beautiful harbour that I suggest splitting your time between sightseeing and relaxing. ...

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. explore Australia (plan Australia itineraries) every year. With this guide, you can explore the stunning continent and try new experiences. Make the most of


Explore Australia with These Best Things to Do in Sydney

Explore the Rocks

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Eat & drink

No foodie can resist the allure of Sydney’s delightful flavours. From chic restaurants with artful food arrangements to relaxed ba

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If you know me, you know that I love to scarf down oysters by the dozen! I talked about oysters at the Sydney (plan Sydney itineraries) fish market , but I

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Sydney is an absolute stunner of a city and it’s all too easy to get distracted with the sun, surf and sand and forget about all t

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It may come as a surprise to international visitors but Sydney (plan Sydney itineraries) is not actually the capital city of Australia. However, it is under

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6.4 Wharf Bar – The Best Bar in the World With Stunning Views Thinking of visiting Manly? You probably have heard of Manly Beach


There are more than 5 reasons to visit Manly Australia on a Sunday

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A breathtaking natural landscape, a vibrant culture, a proud history and lovely and weird wildlife are only some of the reasons th


10. Sydney has a strong outdoor culture

So, why should you visit Sydney?!

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Of course I hope your trip to Sydney (plan Sydney itineraries) has the typical Australian warm and sunny weather so here are some of my favourite outdoor th


Sydney Itinerary 3 Days – Rainy Day Itinerary

12 thoughts on “Sydney Itinerary 3 Days: Two Itineraries For Rain or Shine! – Australia”

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Today I am sharing Sydney itinerary for 5 days as you guys requested it a lot. If you want to know how to best plan your 5 days in


22 thoughts on “Sydney itinerary 5 days”

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This January has been a funny one, the month has completely flown, and I can't believe it's almost February! This month has been o

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. from any city train station or news agency and load a fee to access a world of adventure by train, bus, and ferry. If you are a


39 thoughts on “Sydney Christmas on budget”

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Sydney (plan Sydney itineraries) has more natural beauty than any other major city in the world – at least, any other that I've visited. And the timing for

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I have been living in Sydney (plan Sydney itineraries), Australia for nearly a year now and my, how time has flown by! It has been over a year since we fini

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It’s a big city with beach town vibes. It’s historic, but also modern. It’s beautiful, and diverse, and has some of the best food


Hotels in Sydney:

Airbnbs in Sydney:

Hostels in Sydney:

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First things first, you’re going to need somewhere to sleep during your Sydney visit! Now it obviously depends on your budget/trav


Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel

Staying Connected in Sydney

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Sydney is a large city with a variety of places to stay. No matter what area you stay in, you’ll be a short bus or train ride away

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