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"Torquay is a gorgeous seaside town that combines a mixture of seaside atmosphere with big town attractions."abritandasoutherner.com
"Torquay is a quaint little town full of things to explore."throughanaussieseyes.com
"Torquay is the last, or the first, village of the Great Ocean Road self drive itinerary."mel365.com
"Torquay is nicer and closer to Bells Beach but very likely to be all booked out."mel365.com
"Torquay is one of my favourite town along the coast."mel365.com
"Torquay is the gateway to the Surf Coast and is an easy one and a half hour drive from the centre of Melbourne (Melbourne itineraries)."thetrustedtraveller.com

Southeast Australia

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Avalon Airport (AVV)

Geelong Airport (GEX)

About Torquay

Torquay is a village in Australia with a population of 5,693. Also enjoy the beautiful views over the sea at Torquay. It is great for a cultural trip because of the many museums, theatres and more. Also Torquay is in the west of Australia. The nearest neighbour city is Brisbane. Also it is a very green city.

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