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"Azerbaijan is certainly not a popular touristic destination."chasingthedonkey.com
"Azerbaijan is an adventurous destination, so go there with the proper travel insurance."againstthecompass.com
"Azerbaijan is more similar to Turkish culture than Persian."djaunter.com
"Azerbaijan is also known as "The Land of Fire", related to the oil-rich resources of the country."journalofnomads.com
"Azerbaijan is more expensive than the other two countries, so expect to budget more for your accommodation here."wildjunket.com
"Azerbaijan is the land of fire and oil - lots and lots of fire and oil!"chasingthedonkey.com

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Western Asia


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Best itineraries

At Azerbaijan the itinerary will begin. After that the itinerary proceeds Iran. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
If you love to visit museums you will be happy at
Baku (plan Baku itineraries) and Tabriz. Not safe countries are chosen... Many cities are snowy in December. These flight connection are taken during this route: Baku (plan Baku itineraries) - Tabriz. During your travel you have to speak Russian and Persian. English should be enough for communication everywhere. Manat and Iranian Rial are necessary to pay.
This itinerary brings you through Azerbaijan, Western Asia. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
Mainly small cities are destinations. You can enjoy museums, theaters and galleries at
Baku (more about Baku). Many cities are cold in April. As a Austria citizen you must get the valid visa before for Azerbaijan. You can pay with Manat everywhere. During your travel you have to speak Russia (more about Russia)n. English should be enough for communication everywhere.

Things to do

Baku (plan Baku itineraries) is one of the most interesting capital cities you can visit. Sure, it might not elicit the same response as Paris, Rome or Du


#8 Explore the Old Town

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Panoramic view of Baku - the capital of Azerbaijan located by the Caspian See shore. Azerbaijan’s capital boasts ancient architect

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Azerbaijan Travel Blog: Best Things To Do In Azerbaijan - Marvel At The Glitz And Glamour Of Baku (visit Baku itineraries) Azerbaijan is the land of fire


Azerbaijan Travel Blog: Best Things To Do In Azerbaijan

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Eat & drink

By far the least visited of the three Caucasus nations, Azerbaijan stands at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. at some point sinc


Restaurant Scams

What To Eat In Azerbaijan

what to eat in Azerbaijan

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Oof, that food! The clear winner for cuisine was Georgia, if only for its two most famous dishes, khinkali and khachapuri. Khinkal

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I have heard mixed reviews from other travellers regarding the food in Azerbaijan but honestly, I really enjoyed it. The food I en

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Azerbaijan is a country located in the southern part of the Caucasus, at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe.

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Before I got to travel Azerbaijan, I didn’t know what to expect, but I thought for sure I wouldn’t like it. I’ve never booked a ti

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Even if you fly into Baku, I would recommend anyone planning to get out of the city and explore to bring a backpack. There are man

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Azerbaijan, the ultimate Caucasian country and, probably, one of the least visited places in both Europe and Asia, is a fascinatin


Backpacking in Azerbaijan – 2-week itinerary

Backpacking in Azerbaijan – 3-week itinerary

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Kate poses on a balcony in front of the three flame-shaped towers of Azerbaijan as the sky turns pink at dusk. If you were going t


Two-Week Caucasus Itinerary

7 thoughts on “Two Weeks in the Caucasus: Travel Itinerary for Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan”

Alternative Two Week Caucasus Itineraries

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As your driver drops you in Lagodekhi, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your Azerbaijan – Georgia border crossing is now comp

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Our beloved Azerbaijan is a tiny country, but it turns out that9 out of the 11 climate zones can be found there: From high altitud

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Azerbaijan is really cheap. In fact, leaving the fancy Baku aside, this is one of the cheapest countries I have ever been to. Thes


Backpacking Budget for Azerbaijan

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Baku has some excellent high end accommodation for typically mid-level prices. Now when planning our trip to Azerbaijan, we had on

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There are a few guesthouses and a hostel in Xinaliq, they are cheap and can give you a great insight into how people live here. An

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If you’re overnighting in Quba on your way to Xinaliq, there are a couple of good hotel options in the centre of town. ...

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