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Best itineraries

This itinerary brings you through Japan and it is a roundtrip from Dhaka. Most popular part is Tokyo.
You find a lot of museums, theaters and galleries at
Tokyo and Nagoya. As a Bangladesh citizen you must get the valid visa before for Japan. The climate is cold. There are two flight connections. These are Dhaka - Tokyo and Nagoya - Dhaka. During your travel you have to speak Japan (more about Japan)ese but english should be enough for communication everywhere.
This itinerary brings you through Southern Asia, more precisely Bangladesh. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
You find a lot of museums, theaters and galleries at Chittagong. For in Bangladesh it is possible to request the visa on arrival. Many cities are warm in April. During your travel you have to speak Bengali but english should be enough for communication everywhere. You can pay with Taka everywhere.

Things to do

Admittedly, the island isn’t happening with hotspots and top things to do. My best advice is to just relax, enjoy the peace and qu

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Bangladesh’s biggest Theravada Buddhist place of worship – the ornate, gold-roofed Jadi Temple – is on a hill 4km from of Bandarban town. ...

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My ultimate dream destination is Antarctica. It’s a place I’ve been wanting to go to for a long time, and I actually almost made i

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Eat & drink

Bangladesh shares a common Bengali culture, language and history with its neighbors in the nearby India (plan India itineraries)n state of West Bengal. Thi


Dhaka Restaurants

Bangladesh Breakfast

Restaurants in Bangladesh

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Both the buildings had once contained innumerable works of art, artifacts, sculptures and antiques collected from all over the wor

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Do not expect any mind blowing culinary experiences on the island. Food options are restricted to whatever the small hotels in the

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Bangladesh may not be the country that you would think first when it comes to choosing a vacation destination with kids, but once

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Bangladesh is home to the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger. The Korotoa River, a small stream in Rajsh

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It’s been more than a year since I broke up with my boyfriend on the road and adopted the mantle of “solo female traveler.” And de


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a detailed budget guide for backpacking in Bangladesh. This guide gives a breakdown of how much it costs to travel in Bangladesh


One thought on “Here’s how much it costs to go backpacking in Bangladesh”

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I’ll be straight-up: coming from a Western country, Bangladesh is cheap. Like, cheaper than traveling in India (more about India) cheap. ...

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It’s necessary to get a permit to enter the CHT. Most travel agents or hotels can arrange this for you for free or for a small fee

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This is the story of a homestay experience in rural Bangladesh — and a young woman who hopes to be Prime Minister one day. . Dirt


Slideshow: Bangladesh Village Homestay

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Accommodations on the island are relatively basic. Note that the island does not have an electricity supply, so aside from lights

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Many people just come for a day trip form Sylhet, but we were lucky enough to stay for a night. Staying at the Nazimgarh Wildernes

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