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10 Things to do in Belarus with Kids

Belarus is a country I’ve read about but haven’t yet traveled to, so I was excited when Roman asked to share a list of things to

wheressharon.com > Europe With Kids > Things To Do In Belarus With Kid

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Best Things to Do in Belarus - Tripelle

Regardless of age, adults and children won’t be disappointed with Belarus. This European country is famous for families who love t

tripelle.com > 10 Best Things To Do In Belaru

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7 Very weird things to do in Belarus

Belarus – meaning White Russia – is one of the least visited – hence, most off the beaten track – countries in Europe. This is the

againstthecompass.com > En > Unusual Things To Do In Belaru

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Eat & drink

Belarus Food & Minsk Restaurants - Design a DIY Minsk Food Tour

It might surprise you to know that Belarus has some great food and it’s very possible to plan a DIY Belarus Food Tour in Minsk res


Local Favorite Minsk Restaurants

Where to eat Belarus food in Minsk?

Traditional food in Minsk restaurants

Belarusian Hearty Soup: my favorite

thertwguys.com > Belarus Food Tour Minsk Restaurant

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What to drink

Most popular Belarusian drink is probably beer. There are several sorts of it that won medals in international competitions. Anoth

savoredjourneys.com > Destinations > Belarus Travel Guid

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Where to Eat in Minsk

There are plenty of places to eat, from cheaper cafeteria-style food to high end. The national chain, well really it’s a Latvian c

reflectionsenroute.com > Belarus 5 Day Free Visa Minsk Guid

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Worth to visit

Belarus is worth visiting!

Frankly speaking, Belarus doesn’t have breathtaking mountains, beautiful beaches, or cities with extraordinary architecture. The c

thetandemramble.com > Destinations > Europe > Travel Belaru

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Unexpected Belarus

Delve into Belarus beyond its Stalinist architecture and grand structures into the quieter more rural side. Home to Europe's Big 5

crooked compass.com > Tour > Unexpected Belaru

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10 Interesting Belarus Facts To Know Before Traveling There

After spending a full week there, I’ve changed my mind completely. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, all the former USSR cou

aworldtotravel.com > Interesting Belarus Fact

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Popular Attractions

Most popular places to enjoy nature are some of the 5 national parks, like Bialowieza Forest, which is the largest and oldest fore

savoredjourneys.com > Destinations > Belarus Travel Guid

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Flights into Belarus

The airport in Minsk has reopened and direct flights are available to/from many European cities daily with Belavia airlines. ...

traveloffpath.com > Belarus Has Reopened For Touris

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How much does it cost to travel to Belarus?

Visiting Belarus is cheap as per Western Europe standards, but it is more expensive than its cousins Ukraine and Moldova. Some bar

againstthecompass.com > En > Travel Belaru

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Hotel Belarus Minsk Review - 3-Star Hotel in the Belarusian Capital

Since its completion in 2008, the Hotel Belarus in Minsk has become one of the most popular hotels in the country. It’s one of the


Hotel Belarus Amenities

Checking into Hotel Belarus

Hotel Belarus Room Layout

Hotel Belarus Minsk location

thertwguys.com > Hotel Belarus Minsk Revie

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Where to stay in Minsk

Minsk hotels are surprisingly easy to find, and there are a lot of options for budget travelers. This capital city is one of Europ

thertwguys.com > Belarus Food Tour Minsk Restaurant

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