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"Belgium is one of the most under-rated places in Western Europe."traveladdicts.net
"Belgium is one of the few countries in the world with compulsory voting."wonderfulwanderings.com
"Belgium is one of the very best countries in the world for food, beer and chocolate so we enjoyed all of that immensely."wanderlustmarriage.com
"Belgium is known for several different types of food."travel-made-simple.com
"Belgium is known for beer, with a history of brewing going back nearly a thousand years."gypsynester.com
"Belgium is a really fascinating country because of its history."clairesitchyfeet.com

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Best itineraries

This itinerary brings you through Belgium. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
The itinerary visits mainly small cities. It is possible to go to many nature. If you love to visit museums you will be happy at
Brussels (see itineraries). The climate is cold. You can pay with Euros everywhere. During your travel you have to speak Dutch. English should be enough for communication everywhere.
At Belgium, Western Europe, the itinerary will begin. After that the itinerary proceeds Italy (more about Italy itineraries), France (France itineraries), Netherlands, Switzerland (plan Switzerland itineraries) and Germany (more about Germany itineraries).
Do you like museums? Then you will enjoy
Brussels (see itineraries), Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam. Many countries are expensive. Safe countries are chosen. The climate is cold. You will need Euros and Swiss Franc during this itinerary. During your travel you have to speak Dutch, Italy (more about Italy itineraries), French, Romansh and German. English should be enough for communication everywhere. There are five flight connections. These are Brussels (see itineraries) - Florence, Florence - Antwerp, Paris - Amsterdam, Amsterdam - Zurich and Munich - Florence.

Things to do

This is the official palace of the king and queen, however you may not spot them there as it isn’t actually there permanent reside

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What to wear in Belgium in September

Events in Belgium in September

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Eat & drink

I tried to experience as much as I could of the local cuisine. I didn’t know much about Belgian food, other than what the country

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While you are at the Navigo museum, do visit their restaurant Estaminet de Peerdevisscher. The restaurant is pleasing, and so is t

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If we had to choose a Belgian city, besides Brussels (plan Brussels itineraries), to live in, it would be Ghent. This Flemish gem has it all – beautiful medie

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Worth to visit

Of course, you could look for gifts to buy in Belgium and ship them abroad. But have you seen the cost of international shipping i

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I’m sure you’re wondering why a lively town counting more than 1.000 inhabitants during the seventies was abandoned. It’s not a su

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Hearing future travelers plan vacations and backpacking adventures through Europe, it seems Belgium is often missing from many tra


3. Unreal Architecture

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Practical information for visiting Bobbejaaland:

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, we were caught off guard. We knew we would love the food and the architecture, but we came away loving so much more about this p

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three day Belgium itinerary

Here is my suggested itinerary for Brussels in one day:

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Stay – A bed in a dormitory in a big city costs between €15 and €30 per night. If you want a budget accommodation without giving u


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Belgium is not the most expensive country in Western Europe but it can still get pretty expensive when compared to other countries

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You might call this the national dish of Belgium, Moule Frites, mussels with French fries. You might call this the national dish o

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Whether you'd like to stay in a city like Brussels (plan Brussels itineraries), from which many tours depart, or somewhere near the battlefields to explore th

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. has to offer. Honestly, it’s hit or miss with Airbnb — some days you get insane deals here in Europe, and others hotels areway

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More about Belgium

Top destinations

You might have heard much about Bruges. Yes, it does check all the boxes from captivating architecture to scrumptious eateries. But Belgium has plenty of other cities and towns that you can explore this time around. There are the towns of Ghent and Mechelen, Ypres, and other destinations we will mention in this article.

Let’s know them one by one.
1. Brussels (plan Brussels itineraries)
This city has one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Belgium. That main attraction is La Grand Place, which is also called De Grote Markt. Built in the 14th to 17th century, the palace is a sight to behold. If you visit in August, you’ll be lucky enough to experience Flower Carpet, a 75 by 25 “carpet” made by begonias.
2. Ypres
Belgium had been one of the frontline fighters of World War I. You can catch a glimpse of the remains from that war around Ypres. Called the Battlefield of Flanders, you’d see huge cemeteries and hundreds of miles of snaking tunnels, which will take you to the era when these tunnels resounded with the sounds of guns and exploding bombs.
3. Ghent
This city is home to one of the most exotic gothic and romanesque architecture in Belgium. We’re talking about the Cathedral of Saint Bravo. Inside the cathedral, illuminated by stained glasses, you’ll see great artworks like The Altar of Ghent, and colossal structures like its crypt.
4. Meuse Valley
After taking in Belgium’s history and architecture, rush to the Meuse Valley to get a feel of the countryside. Look into the daily activities of the locals and absorb their social fabric. Afterward, take a trip along the river and see the real beauty of the valley unfold in front of your eyes. Besides these, do visit Mons Old Town, Leuven, Waterloo, Semois Valley, and Antwerp to know Belgium inside out.

History of Belgium

Lying right at the beating heart of Europe, this small country boasts three official languages and more history, art, food and architecture per square centimetre than many of its bigger neighbours.

Nestling between the
Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, Belgium occupies 30,518 square kilometres and is home to 10.2 million people. Stretching from the picturesque Ardennes region in the south to the windswept North Sea coastline in the North, it is crisscrossed extensively by a network of canals. Belgium became part of the Frankish empire in 1100 and enjoyed a Golden Age during the 14th century under the French Duke of Burgundy. This was a time of great prosperity and artistry with the city of Antwerp becoming the greatest port in Europe. The country was invaded twice by Germany, once in 1914 and again in 1940. Belgium’s population is divided between Flemish speakers (60%) and French speaking Walloons (40%) with pockets of German speakers in the east. The constitution was redrawn in 1980 on a federal basis. It recognized three separate entities: the Flemish North, Walloon South and Brussels (plan Brussels itineraries), which is officially bilingual.

The Belgians are credited with inventing oil painting and the work of such artists as Van Eyck, Brueghel and Rubens are world famous. The country is also renowned for such diverse activities as chocolate and lace-making, beer and comic strips. Herge, the creator of the well-known comic strip Tintin, was Belgian. The country’s capital city,
Brussels (Brussels itineraries), is also the capital of the European Union. It boasts Europe’s most beautiful central square, the Grand Place. The country’s best restaurants can be found on the Rue des Bouchers, a stone’s throw from the Grand Place. Here you can sample lobster, crab and mussels washed down with excellent Belgian beer.

The city of Bruges is Europe’s best-preserved medieval city. It has two medieval cores and some of the country’s most impressive art collections. Visit Antwerp to take in its air of faded grandeur and its lively cafés and bars. Take a walk in the beautiful Ardennes region of deep valleys and high forests. Let the spirit of this most European of countries enter your soul.