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"Dinant is a half hour drive from Namur and 70 minutes from Brussels."unravelthemap.com
"Dinant is a beautiful city located in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium in the province of Namur."gobeyondbounds.com
"Dinant is a lovely town on the river, it is where the saxophone was invented and they are currently celebrating it's centenary."leggingit.com.au
"Dinant is truly a magnificent city."iamaileen.com
"Dinant is still a lovely little town to visit these days."unravelthemap.com
"Dinant is a charming historic city set along the River Meuse in Walloon Region of Belgium (Belgium itineraries)."gobeyondbounds.com

Middle Belgium

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Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL)

Liège Airport (LGG)

About Dinant

The village (Belgium (Belgium in detail)) Dinant has a population of 13,568. In addition, in Dinant you find many historic places. The nearest neighbour city is Brussels. In addition, this village is located in south Belgium. This village provides a lot of landmarks like La Citadelle de Dinant and Charles-de-Gaulle Bridge and Maison Leffe. In addition, Dinant offers you the possibility to relax next toby a river. It is a very green city.

Things to do

A black and white cat watches passersby on Rue du Petit Fort in Dinan, France ...

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We arrived in Dinant in the morning and headed straight to the parking of the Citadel. It’s on the hill, outside the city centre,


What else to see and do in Dinant with kids

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The picturesque Meuse river made me skip a heartbeat as we drove towards the little town of Dinant. Due to the higher elevation, y


Dinant Marketplace

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Eat & drink

Freÿr is one of the most famous castles in Belgium and is easily reached from Dinant Freÿr is one of the most famous castles in Be


Private Castles

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One of Jérôme’s suggestions, for which he made reservations for us, was at an intimate restaurant just a few minutes’ walk from th

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There are many restaurants in the town centre of Dinant and two on top of the hill, one at the playground of the Citadel and one a

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We skipped the museum because we heard it was overpriced and not well done. Instead, go to the restaurant area in the middle of

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. est incroyablement bien située à Dinan, à moins de 10min à pieds du château ! C’est l’endroit parfait pour les couples ou backp

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Dinant has mid-budget level hotels in and around the city center. Here are our top 3 recommendations for hotels in Dinant – ...

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