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"Ghent is all about the Christmas markets."traveladdicts.net
"Ghent is one of the most popular cities in Europe."awaradiaries.com
"Ghent is the English spelling, Gand is French, and Gent is the Dutch spelling."theintrepidguide.com
"Ghent is no longer Belgium's hidden secret thanks to countless bloggers like me who have fallen for its beguiling charms."budgettraveller.org
"Ghent is best known for its medieval cathedrals, fortresses and castles and you can easily see all of the main sights in just a morning or afternoon."wandereroftheworld.co.uk
"Ghent is one of the great student cities of Belgium."wanderlustingk.com

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Antwerp International Airport (Deurne) (ANR)

Brussels Airport (BRU)

Kondinskoye Airport (KXD)

Flanders International Airport (KJK)

Lille-Lesquin Airport (LIL)

Ostend-Bruges International Airport (OST)

About Ghent

Ghent was once the largest town in western Europe and you’ll find ample evidence of this former glory. It is paradise for the idle ambler, with numerous museums, beautiful squares, luxurious cafés and fascinating architecture. The modern town is energetic and chic while the older streets retain an appealing calm. Ghent grew in importance on the back of the cloth trade until, in 1350, the city boasted a population of 50,000, an enormous figure for the day. The powerful counts of Flanders made it their base and adorned the town with a series of splendid buildings. However, with the decline of the cloth trade, the town declined in wealth and importance. Industrialisation in the nineteenth century restored some of the town’s fortunes and today it is the third largest city in Belgium.

Start exploring at the Gothic St Baaf's Cathedral, in the corner of St Baafsplein. It holds the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, a beautiful early fifteenth-century altarpiece believed to be by Jan van Eyck. Continue on to the west to visit the fifteenth-century Lakenhalle. Admire its splendid façade and be sure to check out the adjoining fourteenth century Belfry. A glass lift takes you up to the roof providing wonderful views over the city centre. A little to the north is the Stadhuis. Each ornate niche on the elegant façade holds a statuette of a powerful and famous local figure. Stroll on through the elegant streets until you arrive at Korenlei, the western side of the old city harbour where you can explore the fantastic gabled merchants' houses. A little to the north is the Castle of the Counts, the interior of which holds an impressive and frightening collection of torture instruments.

Check out some of the town’s fine museums. The old casino has recently been turned into a museum of contemporary art known by its unfortunate acronym SMAK. The renowned Museum voor Schone Kunsten has a first-rate collection of old masters, housing works by nearly every great Flemish artist. Discover the life of eighteenth century Ghent in the period rooms of the Museum voor Volkskunde, which is located in a series of restored almshouses. Wander the surrounding lanes and narrow streets and get a feel for the Ghent of the past. The best shopping is on Veldstraat which is thronged with young and fashionable Belgians. Be sure to have some coffee in one of the many elegant cafés and don’t forget to sample some of the local beer.

Things to do

People rave about Bruges but Ghent with its equally enchanting winding canals and stunning centuries old architecture is hard to b

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. but also a great place to spend a weekend, possibly combined with a one-day visit to Brussels Ghent has a rich history, one of


– Discover St Bavo’s Abbey

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Ghent is one of Belgium’s lesser-known gems. Where most tourists focus on Bruges and Brussels (see itineraries), beautiful Ghent is even less well d

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Eat & drink

The beautiful accent that the people from Ghent have, the amazing buildings, the rich history, the delicious food, the cool bars a


Gentse feesten–

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While the adults will obviously want to try some Belgian beers (our recommendations are Gruut, Gulden Draak, Liefmans Kriek and Au

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Panoramic view of the historic city center of Ghent with Leie river illuminated in beautiful twilight, Ghent, East Flanders, Belgi


What to eat in Ghent

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Worth to visit

, but Ghent?! I am totally, completely in love with the city. In all honesty, it seems most people either love one or the other. T

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Ghent might not be as well-known as Brussels (plan Brussels itineraries) and Bruges, but this low-key popularity is what makes it all the more charming. It re

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When it comes to Belgium, you really can’t get much better than Ghent. Sure, we’ve all heard of the big drawcards offering up some

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– a place everyone recommended I see. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be all that great and only planned to stay one day. But af


The Architecture

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There are many official languages in Belgium, including French, Dutch and German. Since Ghent is located in the province of Flande

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Construction began in the mid 7th century due to the strategic location where the Leie & Scheldt rivers met. This meant that from


7. Go shopping amongst stunning architecture in Patershol

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The city of Ghent is timelessly beautiful. The imposing medieval architecture, incredible Cathedrals and the romantic canals in Gh


Ghent 2 day itinerary?

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Ghent is a charming city, situated in the Flanders region of Belgium. , Ghent has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions.


2. One day in Ghent – Itinerary

One day in Ghent – the PERFECT day trip itinerary

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You can’t visit Ghent without seeing the city’s Belfry. An at 91 meters tall, it’s hard to miss. G

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Stay – Finding a cheap hotel in Ghent is quite difficult… The most visited tourist attraction of East Flanders isn’t exactly cheap

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Looking for a place to sleep in Ghent? Ghent has it all. From trendy hostels to luxury boutique hotels and everything in between.

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1898 The Post hotel is one of the best places to stay in Ghent Belgium 1898 The Post hotel is one of the best places to stay in

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Ghent historic centre is stunning, and if you’d like to experience the city’s charm during your weekend in Ghent, it’s best to sta

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