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"Belize is not known for its food, though the country's chocolate is celebrated."trans-americas.com
"Belize is home to some of the best underwater experiences in the world!"belizeadventure.ca
"Belize is one of the safest countries in Central America."thebrokebackpacker.com
"Belize is one of the most beautiful places we've been!"travelalphas.com
"Belize is the perfect spot for an adventure vacation and is well regarded for ecotourism opportunities."traveladdicts.net
"Belize is a melting pot of different cultures and has numerous Mayan ruins to explore."parenthoodandpassports.com

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Central America


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Best itineraries

At Central America, more precisely Belize, the itinerary will begin. Mexico are the next countries. The national highlight is Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary next to Belize City.
it is possible to go to many nature. You can take a bath in Belize City. Not safe countries are chosen... The climate is warm. During your travel you have to speak Spanish but english should be enough for communication everywhere. If your passport is from
Austria and you use the power sockets type C/F, then you would still need: A / B / G or/and A / B. Belizean Dollar and Peso are the currencies.