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"hopkins: not quite as lovely as the lonely planet suggests - along dusty roads."alongdustyroads.com
"Hopkins is another place to stay as it is located in the heart of the city."fortravelista.com
"Hopkins is nicknamed "the friendliest village in Belize," and for good reason."travelalphas.com
"Hopkins is a Garifuna colony, so we enjoyed experiencing Garifuna dance and song, and eating their delicious cuisine; their culture is unlike any other, and we wouldn't have been so immersed in it if we'd stayed in San Pedro."travelalphas.com
"Hopkins is just the place!"travelalphas.com
"Hopkins is an interesting place."alexinwanderland.com

Middle Belize

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Big Creek Airport (BGK)

Dangriga Airport (DGA)

Placencia Airport (PLJ)

Hector Silva Airstrip (BCV)

Independence Airport (Belize) (INB)

Belize City Municipal Airport (TZA)

About Hopkins

Hopkins is a village. The nearest big city of Hopkins is San Pedro Sula. Hopkins is located in center Belize. Hopkins gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next to by a lake. You will find a lot of nature in Hopkins. Adore the beautiful beaches at Hopkins.

Things to do

Apart from Garifuna culture, Hopkins also attracts travelers seeking a more relaxed pace of life. The coastal village is accessed

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In the small fishing village of Hopkins, fishing is no longer the only activity. The beautiful Caribbean beaches and blue sea are

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Hopkins is one of the smaller towns in the Twin Cities but drives many to it for its charm. It’s stuck in-between St. Louis Park,


Shopping in Down Town Hopkins

See a Discount Movie at Hopkins Cinema 6 Theatre

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Eat & drink

The best budget restaurant in Hopkins is Tina’s Kitchen. They have a limited menu with few dishes to choose from so try to come ea

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A cruise ship can spend up to nine hours cruising the waters of Glacier Bay, but the glaciers viewed are at the end of the bay. In

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If you have a hotel or resort booked in Hopkins, ask if they can pick you up for free. ...

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Covering more than 3 million acres of rugged mountains, pristine rainforest, and numerous glaciers, cruising Glacier Bay National

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If you’re staying a 2nd week or longer, you can also order groceries at cost price + 20%, without having to leave the island. ...

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Again, another unlawful practice Hopkins was a fan of. Nevertheless, this one was never officially ruled against and he used it re

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