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From the fort, the captives were taken the short distance to Place Chacha in the centre of town. It was here, under the tree that

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One of the biggest voodoo fetish markets in Benin is in Abomey. We were shown around by Constance, a Dahomey prince. It was really

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. to learn about the ancient kingdom of Dahomey, a force which frustrated colonial powers for centuries. You can feel the history

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Eat & drink

The food in Benin is probably the best in West Africa. The starchy staple is igname pilé,boiled yams pounded into a dough and used

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Just as most things, eating out in Togo and Benin doesn’t cost a bomb. The best part is that while fish and meat is used in some o

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There is a legend that King Kpasse, the first king of Ouidah, turned himself into a tree. Over the centuries, this tree has gained

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Some final travel tips and things to know for your trip to Benin - I hope that these travel tips will help you have a great trip

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Tip: Moto taxi drivers often drive rash. Do not hop on to one if you are not offered a helmet – as might often be the case. Nothin

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If you have something to add or something has changed in this Benin travel guide please let me know and I’ll change it! I really appreciate it! ...


Benin Itinerary Day 2: Ganvié Day Trip: The Venice of Africa

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A visit to Ganvie stilt village is a great first day trip from Cotonou. It just takes a morning or late morning with lunch which i


Benin itinerary day 14: Departure

Benin itinerary day 11-13: Ouidah

Benin itinerary day 9: Holy hills of Dassa

Benin itinerary day 10: Abomey and Bohicon

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Always negotiate the price of taxis, zems and when buying something at the market. I’m not sure if every price I paid was correct

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After traveling through Benin, Togo, and Burkina Faso (plan Burkina Faso itineraries), I realized that accommodation can be a little pricey in the region. ...


Where to stay in Ouidah

Where to stay in Grand Popo:

Where to stay in Porto Novo

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Hotels in Benin aren’t the most luxurious in the world but travelling to Benin is a luxury on its own. There are no major hotel ch

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