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"Copacabana is nowhere near the dump that is Puno."alwayswanderlust.com
"Copacabana is another town where we could have spent more time."rovingretirement.com
"Copacabana is the main Bolivia (see itineraries)n town on the shore of Lake Titicaca, it makes a great starting point if backpacking from Peru by land."layerculture.com
"Copacabana is a small tourist town right on the lake with lots of restaurants and souvenir shops."theworldonmynecklace.com
"Copacabana is a high altitude place with strong sun."postcardsfromtheworld.com
"In Copacabana you can eat an excellent trout."postcardsfromtheworld.com

West Bolivia

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At Copacabana live 27,244 people. Copacabana is located next to lakes. Copacabana is in the east of Bolivia (Bolivia itineraries). La Paz is the nearest city.

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Many travelers actually mistake this majestic coastal city as the capital of Brazil. The city was the capital of the country until


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The name Copacabana makes you think of an idyllic beach in Rio de Janeiro. This is a list with the best things to do in Copacabana

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Lake Titicaca, the biggest navigable lake in the world seems endless like the sea. The colour of the water is a shade of deep blue

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Most people who live around Lake Titicaca in Bolivia are of the Andean indigeous community of Aimara people. And for them the land

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3 days should be enough to explore the Titicaca lake, even if you want to see both the Bolivia (Bolivia in detail)n and the Peruvian side. ...

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Copacabana is a very popular destination for both foreign and Bolivian visitors – we’ll get the reason for the next. ...

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Copacabana is a very charming town that becomes virtually empty after all day trippers go to La Paz (plan La Paz itineraries), Puno or to Isla del Sol. ...

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If you have around $100 per night to spend, you can’t get a better value than Rio 180 hotel — each room is a suite and has its own

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