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"Torotoro is most famed for the prehistoric dinosaur tracks which have been preserved in the rock for hundreds of millions of years - but the geology of this part of Bolivia is equally fascinating."floratheexplorer.com

Middle Bolivia

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Torotoro is a village (Bolivia (more about Bolivia itineraries)). It is located next to rivers. Cochabamba is the nearest neighbour city. This village is in center Bolivia.

Things to do

Unassuming Torotoro, deep in wildest Bolivia, must be a geologist’s paradise. The 14 Sinclinales are like nothing we’ve ever seen

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Eat & drink

Millions of years of rock movement and layers of sediment have trapped precious fossils here. ...

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Unlike the accommodation in town, you don’t have a huge amount of options for eating in Torotoro. Dinners are basic affairs and al

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Heed our warning: the road is bumpy beyond belief. You’ll ford rivers, slam around corners, and spend half your time in the air. P

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The Ciudad de Itas is another popular tour. You’ll drive 21kmnorth, even deeper into Torotoro, Bolivia (Bolivia in detail), arriving at a city

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There are a surprising amount of accommodation options in Torotoro, but you’re going to have to lower your expectations across the


Wilma Hostel

Choro Hostel

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