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"Uyuni is a small boring town used by tourists as a starting� and end point of their tours through the countryside."justtravelous.com
"Uyuni is a good center for buses heading to Sucre, Potosi and La Paz."connectedhorizons.co.uk
"Uyuni is not very pretty and not worth your attention for more than a few hours."postcardsfromtheworld.com
"Uyuni is so very flat that satellites use it to calibrate their terrain sensitivity."bkpk.me
"Uyuni is terrific - you have something to look forward to!"adventurousmiriam.com
"Uyuni is high altitude, and it gets quite cold and windy."adventurousmiriam.com

South Bolivia

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At the village Uyuniin the country Bolivia live about over 10,293 people. This village is in south Bolivia.

Things to do

There’s no doubt that Uyuni’s main attraction is its proximity to the salt flats. But the town itself is worth an afternoon wander

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The Salar de Uyuni is one of South America’s most famous tourist attractions. It is true, the Salar de Uyuni is impressive. Taking

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A Uyuni Salt Flats tour is essential, since you can’t explore this part of South America on your own. And I’m not being hyperbolic

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Eat & drink

In Uyuni bestaat het merendeel van het restaurant aanbod uit pizza’s. Op het pleintje rondom de mini Big Ben vind je talloze resta

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This is the luck of the draw. We had a competent and safe driver Carlos who had a penchant of chewing coca leaves non-stop. There


Food And Water

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Worth to visit

During my travels to Australia (see itineraries) in 2009, I met a Brit who was doing an around the world backpacking trip. ...

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Short answer: everything. Yep but you already knew that. Red lakes, white lakes, green lakes, cactus islands, train graveyards, ro

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. here), one of the highlights of salt flats is that if you set your camera focus to infinity, you can create forced perspective

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It is very likely that the accommodation where you will be staying the 2 nights won’t have electricity. . You won’t really need it

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Awesome sceneries abound in Bolivia. Perhaps none more so than on this Bolivian altiplano tour from Tupiza to Uyuni salt flats in

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The itinerary of each Salar de Uyuni tour depends on your starting point. I began mine in San Pedro, and this is what my three day

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Hotels are included in the base price, but I opted for a private room and bathroom. The extra cost for the first night was 80 Bolí

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Uyuni is all about tourism today so it’s no surprise there’s lots of accommodation options in town. For the latest prices and opti

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Salar de Uyuni Bolivia is the only place in the world where you can spend the night in a salt hotel. These are hotels where the wa

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Accommodation in La Paz is focused mostly in the historical centre of the city where you can find interesting colonial boutique ma

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