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"Sarajevo is one of the most historically interesting and varied cities in Europe."romanroams.com
"Sarajevo is a city surrounded by mountains, engulfed by nature."nomadisbeautiful.com
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Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ)

Tuzla International Airport (TZL)

About Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a city in the country Bosnia and Herzegovina (more about Bosnia and Herzegovina itineraries) with a population of over 696,731. In addition, Sarajevo is in south Bosnia and Herzegovina. The nearest city of Sarajevo is Banja Luka.

Things to do

A guide to 16 best things to do in Sarajevo Bosnia: from getting familiar with the history of Sarajevo and Bosnian culture, tastin

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On the surface it’s a lively and inviting city, nestled between verdant green hills with vibrant street life and spirited culture.

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. for full disclosure. Sarajevo instantly pulled me in. It's not one of those cities that needed time to “grow on me” or left me


3. Head to the Old Town

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Eat & drink

Not many Europeans visit Sarajevo, which is a shame. Sarajevo is small enough to walk around in, but local transportation is also


Cafe Tito

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. challenged me to a gastronomic experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since Sarajevo is the capital and largest city in the coun


16 thoughts on “What and Where to Eat in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina”

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Best Sarajevo Restaurants And Cafes, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Best Restaurants In Sarajevo - Apetit Restaurant , Sarajevo is a v


Best Sarajevo Restaurants And Cafes, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Apetit Restaurant

Restaurant Libertas

August Café

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I left Mostar in the evening and traveled to Sarajevo with one of my hostel mates, Nemo, where it turns out we were staying at the

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Where we stayed: Autocamp Oaza in Ilidža. There’s a traminto Sarajevo. Make sure you get off with everyone else, or you’ll en

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I was apprehensive about visiting, knowing very little about the city aside from the siege of the 90’s that I vaguely remember from my childhood. ...

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Unlike some other European destinations, the best time to visit Sarajevo is rather obvious. For the best sightseeing weather, it’s


The Perfect 2-Day Sarajevo Itinerary

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Two decades on , the scars remain but Sarajevo is a city that is shaking off its past and blossoming. Sarajevo is one of those spe

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The Budget Meter gauges how hard it was for us to stick to our $50/day budget. We’re factoring our Budget Meter by our daily food

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Sarajevo has a great choice of modern hotels across the city. We opted for hotels close to the Old Town for our stay and we’d reco

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Forget about hotels for your trip to Sarajevo. The best deals are to be had in the Sarajevo’s Airbnb apartments. The biggest (plea


Sarajevo’s Airbnb apartments

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Maybe take a guide: we didn’t take a guided tour of the city but there are a couple of reputable firms that run them. The reviews

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