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Looking for a list of the must-see places in Botswana? Look no further! Below you’ll find a detailed roundup of the top attraction


incredible places to see in Botswana

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. brings excitement to many travelers who think of a fun continent filled with so much adventure. You of course have to consider

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In fact, the economy of the nation is actually pretty decent because it is the largest producer of diamonds in the world. An ideal

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Eat & drink

Colorful bird and collage of other safari animals text says a safari guide to botswana Elephant and collage of other safari animal

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We never went hungry while on Pangolin Photo Safari. Our days typically started at 5-6am with a continental breakfast available be

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Heat exhaustion and Sunburn – Botswana has a very dry climate so the possibility of suffering from sunburn or heatstroke or heat e

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Worth to visit

If you are a general animal lover then this place will be right up your alley but if you are an elephant admirer then Elephant San

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Don’t the let difficulties frighten you, just be prepared. If you long for a truly remote African wilderness adventure, it’s hard

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What many people doesn’t know about this amazing country, Botswana, is actually one of continent’s most political stable countries


Reason 2: Unlimited Wildlife

Reason 3: Luxurious & Clean Camps – Nata Lodge

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Allow me to explain the circumstance, the reference and the connection as best and briefly as I can. Then, just as I found myself

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And then something changed. When I started to research possible trips to Africa, I kept going back to the countries I had dreamed

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The perfect 2-week Botswana itinerary with safari suggestions! Main highlights include: Chobe National Park & the Okavango Delta.

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April 10-12 – Rra Dinare – South East of the Okavango Delta next to the Moremi Game Reserve April 12-14 – Kwando Lebala – North We

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One of the final things we did was stay at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary . We were looking forward to this stop, because we had only s

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While some lodges will close for maintenance over the tourism lull, the few that stay open lower their rates. All you need to do i

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, located in Kasane. The hotel is modern, offering a refreshing difference from other Chobe safari lodges, and is ideally located,

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In true expedition style, Botswana has a number of safari lodges and mobile camps. They range from basic to deluxe to cater to all

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. exploring the rock paintings and world heritage site, Tsodilo Hills here. ...

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