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Self-guided and privately guided tours, experiences and activities in Bulgaria

We are providing you with a great choice of self-guided and privately guided tours, experiences and activities on the whole territory of Bulgaria.

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Best itineraries

This itinerary shows you a small part of Germany (Western Europe) and it is a roundtrip from Sofia. Most popular part is Berlin.
Mainly very big cities are destinations. You can enjoy museums, theaters and galleries at
Berlin and Hamburg (see itineraries). You find the nightlife at Berlin and Hamburg (see itineraries). During your travel you have to speak German. English should be enough for communication everywhere. There are two flight connections. These are Sofia - Berlin (visit Berlin itineraries) and Hamburg (see itineraries) - Sofia.
This itinerary proceeds through Eastern Europe, more precisely Bulgaria. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities. Besides of cities there a nature destinations. Sunny Beach (Burgas) and Pirin (Bansko) are the highlights.
You find the nightlife at
Sofia. During your travel you have to speak Bulgarian. English should be enough for communication everywhere.
This itinerary brings you through Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities. If you prefer other holiday destinations you can look at this highlight. Pirin by Bansko is the highlight.
You find a lot of museums, theaters and galleries at
Sofia (see itineraries). At Sofia you can enjoy nightlife. Many cities are snowy in December. You can pay with Lev everywhere. During your travel you have to speak Bulgarian. English should be enough for communication everywhere.
The itinerary brings you at the beginning to Bulgaria in Eastern Europe. Romania are the next countries. Predeal by Brasov is the highlight.
it is possible to go to many nature. At
Sofia and Bucharest you can enjoy nightlife. Many cities are snowy in December. Safe countries are chosen. Lev and Leu are the currencies. During your travel you have to speak Bulgarian and Romanian. English should be enough for communication everywhere.
This itinerary shows you the main interesting destinations of Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. Sunny Beach near Burgas and Pirin near Bansko are the highlights.
Do you like nightlife? Then you will enjoy
Sofia (see itineraries). The climate is snowy. During your travel you have to speak Bulgarian. English should be enough for communication everywhere. You can pay with Lev everywhere.
This itinerary brings you through Eastern Europe, more precisely Bulgaria. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities. Sunny Beach (Burgas) and Pirin (Bansko) are the highlights.
If you love to visit museums you will be happy at
Sofia. If you love to make party you will be happy at Sofia. Many cities are snowy in December. You can pay with Lev everywhere. During your travel you have to speak Bulgarian. English should be enough for communication everywhere.

About Bulgaria itineraries

You are planning a travel itinerary in Bulgaria? Good choice, because the holiday destination on the Black Sea is perfect for every holidaymaker! You can go to the beautiful beaches and relax in the sun. The sunny beach and the golden beach are among the most popular places for a beach holiday and for unforgettable parties. But a Bulgaria holiday is waiting for you with many more highlights. The diversity of the country is surprisingly beautiful and you should add a Bulgaria holiday to your list. Families with children, single travellers, friends and lovers - everyone loses his heart to the beautiful country at the Black Sea. The countries on the Black Sea are now also becoming the focus of travellers and rightly so. Bulgaria in particular has a lot to offer in terms of nature and culture, in addition to endless sandy beaches along its nearly 400 kilometres of coast. It makes sense to first get to know the country on a round trip itinerary and then relax on one of the wonderful beaches at the black sea.

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More about Bulgaria

Bulgaria Itinerary

Bulgaria is a beautiful vacation destination that often gets overlooked by European travelers. Most people stop at Croatia or Hungary (more about Hungary itineraries) and leave it at that. However, if you’re interested in the sights and sounds of Southeastern Europe, then Bulgaria is the place to be.


While the country is relatively small compared to some of its European cousins, Bulgaria still has plenty to fill a Bulgaria itinerary with. The country boasts ancient metropolises frozen in time and modern cosmopolitan cities, pristine beaches, rugged mountains, skiing resorts, and incredible European wine. It’s fair to say that Bulgaria has something for everyone if you know where to look.


With such a rich history and diverse landscape, visitors could spend weeks, if not months, in Bulgaria and still not see it all. Here are some travel tips to plan the ultimate Bulgaria itinerary to see as much as possible.


When to go to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is impressive in the summer, but the best time to visit is just before or just after the hot season. Aim for April, May, September, or October for your visit. Prices are lower but the weather is still cool and clear. Temperatures are around 70F for spring and 65F for autumn.


December to February is the best time to visit Bulgaria for a skiing trip. Please note that some areas may be closed during this time. You might not get to see everything you want to.


What to See and Do in Bulgaria


  1. Check out the largest public park in Bulgaria. The park, located in Varna, includes stunning gardens a zoo with bears, kangaroos, and tigers, and an aquarium for underwater fans.
  2. National Historical Museum: The National Historical Museum is the largest museum in the country. Here you can find over 650,000 historical items. It’s the ideal destination for anyone interested in the history and culture of Bulgaria.
  3. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: Bulgaria is home to one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals ever constructed. Come to Bulgari and explore the majestic Sofian cathedral for yourself. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is over 100 years old and over 148 feet tall. It houses many murals, mosaics, and royal thrones. It’s also home to an Orthodox museum where you can learn more about Eastern Orthodoxy.
  4. Roman Ruins: Bulgaria is proof of how far the Romans managed to travel. These ancient thermal baths were built in the 2nd century and are how Romans would bath. The Roman baths in Bulgaria are the third-largest Roman ruins complex in Europe and offer an interesting look at human history.


Budgeting for a Bulgaria Itinerary


  • Budget Accommodation

On a tight budget? You can stay in a hostel for around 18-22 leva. There are dorm rooms and private rooms available, with storage lockers, free breakfast, and convenient locations available.


  • Mid-Range Accommodation

Mid-range hotels in the country charge up to 80 leva per night. For that price, you’ll get a private room, access to amenities including fitness centers, pools, and a hotel restaurant and bar.


  • High-End Accommodation

Expensive hotels cost between 150-300 leva per night. You’ll get nothing but the best service, stunning guest rooms with refrigerators and minibars, room service, access to restaurants and nightclubs, babysitting services, pools (and poolside bars) and more. 


  • Food

Bulgarian cuisine typically favors dairy, chicken, pork, seafood, spices, and vegetables as staples. We recommend trying Shopska salad (cucumber and tomato salad served with Bulgarian feta cheese) and tarator (cold yogurt soup) while in the country. Banitsa makes for a delicious breakfast or midday snack. Banitsa is a pastry made with yogurt and cheese.


You can expect to pay around 20 leva per meal for average-priced restaurants and up to 50 leva for high-end meals.


How to Get to Bulgaria

The Sofia International Airport is the main airport for the country. The airport is around six miles from the center of the Bulgarian capital city Sofia. Other major cities, such as Plovdiv and Varna, have international airports you can fly to. Please note that the Varna airport only accepts international flights from the USA.


How to Get Around Bulgaria


  • Trains

Bulgaria has a thriving train system. Overnight trains in particular offer a scenic view of the country. Bulgaria runs patnicheski (slow), barz (fast), and ekspresen (express) trains. Take a train from Sofia (more about Sofia) to Varna for 30 leva for a 7.5-hour trip.


  • Buses

Buses are a budget-friendly travel option in Bulgaria. You can catch a bus in most major cities and smaller towns. Bus fares start at just 1 lev.


  • Metro

Sofia has a metro running through the city, with trains moving at up to 50MPH. Prices begin at 1.60 leva. Metro trains run between 5AM and midnight, with a new train every 7-14 minutes.


  • Uber/Taxis

Taxis are another way to get around the country. Most taxis run on meters, but rates can vary between organizations. Some taxis have starting fees of around 0.80 leva and an extra 0.70 leva per kilometer. For example, a taxi from Sofia airport to Sofia proper is around 15 leva.


  • Car Rental

Travelers can rent a car in Bulgaria. To do so, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old, have a valid US license, and a valid International Driver’s Permit. Car rental costs an average of 60 leva per day.


Where to Stay in Bulgaria


  1. Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel

Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel is a four-star hotel in Sofia (plan Sofia itineraries). Popular attractions such as the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Palace of Culture only a stone’s throw away. When you finish exploring, come back to your room and relax with a minibar, flat-screen TV, complimentary breakfast, and a delicious meal at the hotel restaurant.


  1. Ramada Plovdiv Trimonitum

This four-star hotel offers accommodation in the heart of Plovdiv (visit Plovdiv itineraries). You’ll be within 15 minutes of the Nebet Tepe ruins and the Plovdiv (see itineraries) Roman Theater. The hotel offers complimentary breakfasts, free W-Fi-, a casino, and an outdoor pool for relaxing.


  1. Grand Hotel Varna

This all-inclusive five-star hotel on the Bulgarian Black Sea offers ocean-facing rooms with balconies, a gym, an outdoor pool, a private beach, and your choice of three restaurants. You’ll stay by the Sea Garden and the Evxinograd – a 19th century palace.


What to Pack for Bulgaria

You should pack:


  1. Power Adapter

Bulgaria has a different voltage to the US, so you’ll need a power adapter to ensure your electronics charge properly.


  1. Walking Shoes

Expect to do a lot of walking in the country, between visiting cathedrals and ruins, to walking through the city. You’ll also find yourself walking on poor quality pathways on occasion given how old parts of the country are. It’s always best to pack appropriate footwear.


  1. Modest Clothing

Make sure you bring some modest clothing with you, especially if you plan on visiting monasteries.

Our recommended two week Bulgaria itinerary


1. Stop of your Bulgaria itinerary: the wonderful capital Sofia (Sofia itineraries)

Of course most of you will start their bulgaria itinerary in Sofia and you should take a little time for the capital, as its charm is not necessarily apparent at first sight. There are still traces of communism to be seen, but you should not be put off by that. The magnificent Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the St. Nikolay Church, the Cathedral Sveta Nedelja, the market halls, the Archaeological Museum and many other sights do not let you get bored. You can relax from the many culture in one of the numerous parks or cafes.

2. Diving in Sozopol

Those who expect a magnificent underwater world like in the Red Sea or at the Great Barrier Reef in
Australia, will probably be disappointed ath this destination of the bulgaria itinerary. But for adventurous divers Sozopol offers some highlights.
One dives archeological sites and sees amphoras, sunken wooden ships or also wrecks of German transport ships and submarines. Wreck diving has a special fascination and Bulgaria offers good conditions for beginners. With a little luck you can even see dolphins or a spiny dogfish. So it is a must include for your travel itinerary through bulgaria.

3. Relax at the golden sands

Of course a few days at the beach are a must at your bulgaria itinerary. The golden beach, the sunny beach or Albena are the most popular destinations on the Black Sea. The golden beach entices with golden shimmering sand. On the sunny beach, the largest holiday resort in the country, variety is important and party people as well as families get their money's worth. Albena attracts with a wide range of leisure activities and is perfect for water sports enthusiasts and parents with children.

4. Rila Monastery

The Rila Monastery is one of the most important monuments in the country and is a religious, cultural and artistic centre. It is located in the middle of the Rila Mountains National Park, about 120 kilometers southwest of the capital. Especially the entrances with columns in the Rila Monastery overwhelm the viewer with their magnificence. The monastery is still inhabited by monks today and also offers accommodation itself. In the largest national park of the country you can go hiking and discover deep gorges, clear mountain lakes, hot springs and an impressive mountain panorama. If you are doing a Bulgaria honeymoon itinerary visit this wonderful place and feel the love!

Last Bulgaria Itinerary stop: The World Heritage Nessebar

The small town looks back on more than 3000 years of history and can be easily explored in a day trip from the sunny beach. The old town is situated on a small peninsula and invites you to drift through the winding alleys and admire the beautifully decorated facades. More than 40 churches from the Middle Ages characterize the townscape. One should not miss a visit to the archaeological museum and the fortress walls. In summer you can enjoy concerts in the ancient theatre in a unique atmosphere, stroll along the promenade or enjoy local specialities in one of the small typical restaurants. Also a must go for every honemoon itinerary.

There is a lot more to discover. But you could also extend the trip to a bulgaria and romania itinerary as it's no problem to cross the border to romania. Then you can extend your trip to a 3 or weeks Bulgaria &
Romania itinerary.