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"Bansko is no short of small and large supermarkets, local antique shops, and even a shopping mall."ivasays.com
"Bansko is surrounded by lakes and pine forests, and nearby Banya is famous for its thermal mineral springs."galloparoundtheglobe.com
"Bansko is one of the most budget-friendly ski and hiking towns to visit in Europe."creativetravelguide.com
"Bansko is very easy to reach because it is relatively close to Sofia (Sofia itineraries)."chasingthedonkey.com
"Bansko: Learning to Ski on a Backpackers Budget - To be found on pocketvillage."backpacksandbunkbeds.co.uk
"Bansko is a ski resort located in south west Bulgaria."backpacksandbunkbeds.co.uk

Southwest Bulgaria

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Today Bansko is a popular ski for all winter sports. In the past it was important craft centre made famous from the hands of the local masters. During the winter and summer this small town embraced from Pirin mountain offers to you wonderful resources for your holiday. Let open the summer season together with the days of a Bansko tradition, to enjoy the musical august nights through the jazz festival, to sing or dance with the quests and participants of the festival of authentic folklore. For spectators and competitors alike Bansko is a host to a number alpine events during the winter.

Things to do

Bansko is a small town nestled in Pirin mountain and the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria. Besides that, it is a town that offers various ways and opportunities to spend a great holiday in the country and learn more about the history and culture of Bulgaria. Putting the ski resort fame aside, Bansko is actually a ...

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Skiers in brightly coloured jackets weighed down by boots and skis stagger along the pavement, overtaken by a horse and cart and watched by a group of old ladies chatting on a roadside bench. Not a sight you normally see in a ski resort, but Bansko in Bulgaria (plan Bulgaria itineraries) is a ski town with a twist.

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In a vast lush green area, you can play or learn golf. There are two organized courses, practicing space, as well as the academy! It may be considered a sport for the few, but here you can make your dream come true! ...

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Visit Bansko, Bulgaria in spring to enjoy a relaxed holiday in a gorgeous little town. Things to do in Bansko include nature activities, museums and more. Bansko, a charming little town in Bulgaria, is famous for its ski resort. I visited Bansko in May, just a few weeks after the ski season officially ended.


Things to do in Bansko, Bulgaria in Spring

Things to do in Bansko in Summer and Winter

Velyanova House

The Bansko Sunday Market

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Eat & drink

. called “mehanas” will amaze you with their delicious local cuisine and portion sizes. Almost every evening during the winter season the restaurants offers programs with authentic Bulgarian music and dances. ...

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Every day there was bread, jams, porridge and cereal for breakfast. Then, there’d be a changing hot option too. Over the week at Snomads we had pancakes, scrambled eggs, a delicious Turkish shakshuka and fried eggs too. There was always enough, and more if you wanted ...

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If you are staying near the gondola, this is a wonderful choice run by a friendly staff who offer a nice variety of food including vegetarian options. The burgers and sweet potato fries here are particularly delicious and the warm atmosphere combined with a good quality of food at reasonable prices will certainly ...


Coffee Lab_br

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– the Indian system for healthy, happy and long life is available in Lucky Bansko in the form of courses that last from 10 to 25 days. The program include treatments and therapies for keeping the good health conditions or even for treating health disorders. ...

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My child has never tried skiing or snowboarding, which should they try first? – It is generally advised for childrento ski before snowboarding, as it is a little easier to get to grips with, and helps to develop balance and coordination basics.

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, in a quiet residential area on the edge of Bansko’s old town. It’s about 15 minutes’ walk to the gondola, but there’s a minibus shuttle service you can just call for a lift. The chalet’s one of four in and around Bansko run by Snomads, all based on environmentally and socially responsible principles.

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Hotel Amira: Decent accommodation, boutique/modern decoration with quality benefits, in higher prices. ...


Hotel Amira:

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Bansko is quite small and walkable. You can walk almost everywhere quite easily. ...

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This is a seriously sophisticated choice and the closest to a boutique option of all ski hotels in Bulgaria. Just ten minutes’ walk away from the center of town and to the nearest ski lift, you can easily combine your skiing fun with a relaxing stay in a top hotel. There is an on-site swimming pool, fitness center, ...


Hotel Strazhite Bansko

Hotel Tanne Bansko

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