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"Ruse is Bulgaria (plan Bulgaria itineraries)'s fifth largest city."vagrantsoftheworld.com

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Bneasa International Airport (BBU)

Ruse Airport (ROU)

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Ruse is the biggest Denube port in Bulgaria It has an important economical meaning to Bulgaria (visit Bulgaria itineraries) and it offers everything to make a business trip enjoyable. The hotels response to all the necessary requirements for business meetings, presentations and a relaxing individual state of mind. Popular as a tourist destination for the lovers of classical music it has a festival called March musical days festival, also for the enthusiasts on back in time cultural trips. Close to Ruse are located Ivanovski cliff churches with amazing wall paintings which are part of UNESCO world wide heritage. The city downtown shows a enviable collection with examples of European architecture from 18th 19th century. In 1893 the municipality ordered all of the buildings on the mean street to be decorated with plastic arts.

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Bulgaria is an extraordinary country at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. While modern Bulgaria is pulsing, there are still


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