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"Sozopol is brimming with natural and historic beauty."vagrantsoftheworld.com
"Sozopol is the place to fuse Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine with culture, history and sandy beaches."globalgrasshopper.com
"Sozopol is one of the country's oldest and most charming towns in Bulgaria (Bulgaria in detail)."chasingthedonkey.com
"Sozopol is a town we have earmarked to return to next summer."vagrantsoftheworld.com
"Sozopol is known for the skeleton of a vampire, found during excavations."nomadicnotes.com
"Sozopol is quite easy to get around with the gap between the Old Town and New Town being relatively small."travelsewhere.net

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The oldest town on Bulgaria (Bulgaria in detail)n Black sea coast is Sozopol. The centre is situated on small island. Close to the town are the islands St.Ivan and St.Peter. The old part of Sozopol is an architectural reserve, 180 buildings built from stone and wood, dating from 18th – 19th century. Around the town there are ruins of Thracian and Roman fortress walls, Thracians mounds and ancient necropolises. Near by Sozopol are located the campings Veselie, Gradina, Zlatna ribka, Kavatsi, Smokinya, also the biggest nude beach in Bulgaria. Thousands of visitors are injoing the summer during September, came for the holidays of art Apollonia. Sozopol is a spectacular place. One brief walk will make you to penetrate in the history.

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A beautiful, ancient fishing village perched on a narrow peninsula above the glistening Black Sea. Our first introduction to the Bulgaria (more about Bulgaria)n coast and the Black Sea was more than we could have hoped for. Head down to the waterfront, and we are reminded of the many Greek fishing villages we have visited.


Summer Holidays in Bulgaria

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Contents hide 1 Top Reasons to Visit Sozopol Bulgaria (see itineraries) 1.1 1. Historic heritage 1.2 2. It is a budget-friendly holiday destination 1.3 3. Great weather during summers 1.4 4. Delicious local foods and amazing restaurants 1.5 5. Sozopol Bulgaria is a Watersports Destination 1.6 6. Beaches 1.7 7.


5. Sozopol Bulgaria is a Watersports Destination

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Everyone who’s been to Sozopol will tell you that the Old Town is really what makes Sozopol so unique. With its wooden houses, cobbled narrow streets, authentic souvenir shops, history and many great seafront restaurants, the Old Town has a bit for everyone. My favorite after a relaxing day at the beach is to head out ...

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Eat & drink

The Old Town is sprinkled with delightful tavernas, fish restaurants and cheap and cheerful beachside cafes and bars. You will never find yourself short of somewhere to grab a great meal. ...


Restaurants on the Sozopol Fortress Wall

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Food is an important part of any city’s culture and Sozopol has plenty to offer for food lovers. Since it is a coastal town you are sure to find amazing seafood all over the city. A typical meal in a restaurant in Sozopol starts with a light salad, followed by tomato sauce and seafood.

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