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"Varna is in an excellent base from which to explore other Black Sea destinations."thewayfarersbook.com
"Varna is a port city that is close to the beach, so it has a part work,part play feel to it."nomadicnotes.com
"Varna is a port city located on Bulgaria's Black Sea."dreamsinheels.com
"Varna is a popular place for beach goers and is the headquarters for the Bulgarian Navy."globalgaz.com
"Varna is the perfect place to be if you want to get close to the center of the action but far from the maddening crowd."chasingthedonkey.com
"Varna is still affordable and fun, especially when you camp with a tent for 6 Euros."becomenomad.com

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Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria. The city is a starting point for Byala, St. St. Konstantin and Helena, Golden Sands, Albena, Rusalka resorts. Beside all of the beach entertainments, Varna offers abundance of history and culture. In the Varna archeological museum is keeping the treasure found in 1972 of the most ancient civilization unknown till now which knew how to work the gold metal and held shipping (5th – 4th thousands B.C.). Guests of the city, connoisseurs of music,theatre,actors, theater directors, musicians and critics are meeting in Varna for one of the oldest festivals in Europe – “Varna Summer”. It includes: theatre, musical, jazz, folklore festivals. Varna is a host of “International ballet competition-Varna”, of the festival of visual arts “August in arts”, of international print biennale. The summer is going away with “Love is fully” cinema festival.

Things to do

Varna, the third largest city in the country, has all of these beauties and so much more. The Sea Garden has the distinction of being one of the most bustling spots of Varna. There are four rooms in the place, and each has its own set of mysteries which you and your gang of friends will have to solve.

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For those who don’t know, the east border of Bulgaria (Bulgaria in detail) is our Black sea, around 400km of beautiful beaches! Varna is located in the East North and the cityis a mixture between old socialistic and modern contemporary architecture. It is vibrant, colorful and ..


Varna, Bulgaria – what to visit

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The Joseph Stalin Museum is open daily from 10am until 6pm. ...


Other things to do in Gori

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Eat & drink

Første gang vi dro på ferie med småbarn var sammen med svigerforeldrene mine. Vi fikk barnevakt hver dag og kunne noen dager sove litt lenger og andre dager spise middag uten barna. ...

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Dengan aneka macam mural yang ada di Kampung Ragam Warna, tentunya disini menjadi salah satu tempat wisata yang instagramable banget. Di Kampung Ragam Warna terdapat banyak spot foto yang tersebar di berbagai titik kampung. ...

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After our arrival at Gori, we decided to have a quick lunch at Café 22, a cosy bakery shop also serving some savoury food, including pizzaand some local dishes. We opted for the Khachapuri Adjaruli , a canoe shaped bread filled with a decadent amount of melted salty sulguni cheese, topped ...

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There are also plenty of restaurants in Golden Sands. However, compared to Varna they aren’t so great and delicious, so you need to choose a place carefully. The one we liked the most was Parmy and the least: the ship-like Black Pearl (even though it looks great from outside, the food ...

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Worth to visit

Our visit to the Stalin Museum in Gori did not really give us enough insight into the history and atrocities of the dictator as we might have expected or hoped for. However it sparked an interest in Jerome and we discussed it for a long time during our drive to Borjomi . Thankfully it is easy to get information even ...

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The Stalin Museum is one of Georgia’s most popular dark tourism destinations. Gori, his birthplace, is a beautiful little town in Georgia (more about Georgia)’s Imereti region, about an hour-and-a-half west of Tbilisi It was here that Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili was born and schooled before he went off to become Joseph Stalin and ..

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I am sure some visitors will fail to understand why a museum has been built on the honour of such a terrible man. Having grown up in Germany (Germany in detail) with the horrendous cruelties of Hitler being taught at an early age and vouching for similar crimes and injustice to ever happen again, it is even harder to fathom.

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Interesting post. Visiting the people’s palace in Bucharest ten years back the most interesting thing was the way the guides could not be persuaded to talk about the Ceaucescu regime. Thank you! It will probably take time for these people to come to terms with their history, I remember all too well how my grandma used ...

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Area sarapan berada di restoran Wok n’ Tok, samping resepsionis lantai dasar. Pilihan menunya lumayan banyak, lengkap dengan salad, buah potong, bubur, dan jajanan pasar. Kalau yang nggak makan nasi, di sini juga tersedia sereal dan aneka roti. Semuanya yahud banget, sarapanku ...

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There are plenty of hotels in Golden Sands, however, you need to remember that if you want to stay in a quiet place, you should either choose a hotel on the left side of the hotel Admiral The rest of Golden Sands is really really loud and you’ll probably have trouble sleeping. However, if nightlife in Golden Sands is ...

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If you decide to spend a night or two in Gori, there are plenty of homely, family run guesthouses ...

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