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"Veliko Tarnovo is the perfect home base to discover the region one day trip at a time."ipanematravels.com
"Veliko Tarnovo is accessible during the whole year - and in my opinion also worth a visit during all seasons."mscgerber.com
"Veliko Tarnovo is one of those cities that you are doomed to fall in love with, the moment you arrive there."ipanematravels.com
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Middle Bulgaria

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Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport (GOZ)

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Veliko Tarnovo – the impregnable Bulgaria (plan Bulgaria itineraries)n city in 12th-14th century. It is located on main road connecting Europe with Lesser Asia in the valley of the Yantra river. From its glory days as the kings capital we can still see even a lot today, but the town is still keeping the secrets of the legends for hidden kings library and the treasure from the burned monastery. The tourists on religious trip can visit 15 churches and 1 chapel, all of them examples of medieval architecture.. Thousands of tourists visit the old Bulgaria (Bulgaria itineraries)n capital to watch one of the only three examples in the world today the audio-visual performance “Sound and light”. From Veliko Tarnovo the eco tourists can make a trip on the numerous routes of Stara planina mountain.

Things to do

This is one of Bulgaria (plan Bulgaria itineraries)’s most exciting cities, drawing in many tourists with its impressive architecture, castles, museums and hi


Things To Do In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Top Things To Do In Veliko Tarnovo

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. is steeped in five thousand years of history. This small, picturesque city is home to one of Europe’s grandest medieval monumen


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