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Eastern Africa


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DR Congo



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Burundi Franc (BIF)




Average (3 of 5)

Level of costs

Very shrinking (1 of 5)

Tourism trend change

Moderate (33 / 100)

Safety index

Very underdeveloped (42 / 100)

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Even though travelling to Burundi doesn’t seem very inviting, there are lots of things to do and see in Northern Burundi. On the f

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We strolled through this local market, beating the rain by minutes. For an African market, this place was somewhat subdued and org

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Eat & drink

Today was our big roadtrip day as we departed Bujumbura to visit the countryside. We made a short stop to take in the panoramas of

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Next to the FX store was the mobile phone company. Despite the store just being closed for the day, the door was unlocked and I wa

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Avoid the ATM and the stated rate you’ll see on XE.com. There is a black-market rate, but you don’t have to go into some dark alle

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Safari Gate has seen better days. It was a bit tired and needed a coat or two of fresh paint. Safari Gate ...

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