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"In Battambang you can see old temples and just take in the local culture and spectacular scenery."oneworld365.org
"Battambang is an off the beaten track destination and great if you are looking to escape the crowds in Siem Riep and Phnom Penh (plan Phnom Penh itineraries)."oneworld365.org
"Battambang is where you come when you are templed out!"nomadasaurus.com
"Battambang is a sleepy city which makes a very good change from the hectic streets of Siem Reap."myfiveacres.com
"Battambang is at the very top of the lake on the north-western side while Siem Reap is a little closer on the north-east."contentedtraveller.com
"Battambang is a wonderful city located on the Sangkae River in North West Cambodia."dreambigtravelfarblog.com

West Cambodia

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Calm City



2-3 nights


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Around Battambang


Battambang Airport (BBM)

Siem Reap International Airport (REP)

About Battambang

The big city (Cambodia) Battambang has over 1,036,523 people living there. Also Battambang fits perfect for a cultural trip. Battambang is located in the east of Cambodia (more about Cambodia). Also the nearest big city of Battambang is Siem Reap.

Things to do

Contents hide 1 Introduction to Battambang 2 Things to do in Battambang 2.1 Bamboo Train 2.2 Wat Ek Phnom 2.3 The Phare Circus 2.4

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, the capital. Bus connections are slow and the town falls asleep in the evening, with shops and restaurants closing early. But de


#6 See the giant fruit bats

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We were pleasantly surprised by Phnom Penh (see itineraries), it’s vibrant and rich mix of culture and western comfort was refreshing. 5 hours north

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Eat & drink

. third biggest city and province. Through trials and tastings we’ve narrowed it down to only the best. In this guide we will sha

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Battambang has one of the most thriving coffee shop cultures you’ll come across in Asia. Many restaurants and coffee shops are als

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While not exactly a foodie’s haven, the number of food establishments in the city is growing and you can find the greatest concent

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Now, I always allow plenty of time to make room for hiccups on the way to the bus station and getting tickets in Asia. I know that

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Note: if you don't have a motorbike, go with tuk-tuk from Battambang to Phnom Sampeau, and you can ask for a motorbike driver to r

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Leafy gardens and boardwalks, open-air pavilions, a beautiful pool, and rooms that open straight out onto a courtyard. I absolutel


The Sanctuary Villa

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Battambang is great budget option in what is already a budget country. Here you can still find guesthouses for $5 a night ...

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If you book online via Camboticket, you can hire a taxi for 55 USD, which is also a bit more comfortable than your usual Toyota Ca

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We stayed nine glorious nights at Battambang My Homestay Guesthouse just on the outskirts of the town of Battambang in Cambodia (plan Cambodia itineraries). W

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. which is located not far from the Independence Monument. There are only 10 rooms here so you are assured of personalized servic

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Battambang is theoretically the second city of Cambodia (plan Cambodia itineraries) after the capital of Phnom penh, but it really doesn’t feel as crazy and h

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