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"Kampot is a quaint riverside town located at the base of the Elephant Mountains."thebrokebackpacker.com
"Kampot is a happy mix of Expats, Local Entrepreneurs and travellers and my favourite Cambodia town."budgettraveltalk.com
"Kampot is kinda similar but it's much bigger, and definitely has better food!"whatsdavedoing.com
"Kampot is a small river-side town in the South of Cambodia (plan Cambodia itineraries), not far from the beaches of the south coast."globetrottergirls.com
"Kampot is one of my favourite spots in all of Southeast Asia."myfiveacres.com
"Kampot is a very small place so it will take only a few hours to scope out the place."oneworld365.org

South Cambodia

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Calm City



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Kampot Airport (KMT)

Phu Quoc International Airport (PQC)

Sihanouk International Airport (KOS)

About Kampot

Kampot is a city in the country Cambodia (visit Cambodia itineraries) with a population of 627,884. Besides this city is located in the south of Cambodia (see itineraries). Kampot fits perfect for a cultural trip. Besides the nearest city of Kampot is Phnom Penh (plan Phnom Penh itineraries).

Things to do

There were a number of reasons that contributed to this being so. There is a special vibe that envelops Kampot. It is the kind of


The Best Things to do in Kampot – My Favorite Place in Cambodia

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Once an under-the-radar travel destination, word about the tranquil charm of Kampot has gotten around, and it’s starting to make i


Explore the caves

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Once overlooked by travellers, Kep and Kampot are now becoming a ‘popular destination’ for those that want to see more of Cambodia (plan Cambodia itineraries)


Things to do in Kep

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Eat & drink

In this all inclusive guide to what to eat in Kampot, I will share with you the best eats that include a variety for every palate


Mora- Korean

Bonus- What to Eat in Kampot for Dessert: Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace

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We did not learn until after our visit to Kep Crab Market that overfishing of crabs in Kep is leading to depleted stocks and causi


Restaurants in Kampot

Eating and drinking

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There are several businesses in Kampot that also have a social mission. You can support these organizations just by eating and shopping! ...

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Worth to visit

In short, yes. There are many fun things to do in Kampot so it’s worth sticking around for a few days. From visiting pepper planta


Is Kampot worth visiting?

Is it worth visiting La Plantation?

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. and wondering where to stay in Kampot? This guide shows you the best Kampot hotels, hostels, guesthouses and river bungalows fo


Where to stay in Kampot: Best Kampot hotels, Kampot river bungalows and Kampot hostels

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. back in 2016, one of my favourite spots was the Royal Cinema – a colonial-era movie house that had been turned into a community

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When we lived in Phnom Penh (see itineraries), we went to Kampot at least once every couple of months. We have stayed in many different types of acc


hostels in Kampot

Best Hostels in Kampot

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