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"Chile is one of the countries that I most want to visit right now."walkaboot.ca
"Chile is one of the easiest and safest countries to travel around."bkpk.me
"Chile is a real wild card of a destination, a fascinating country that is unique even by South American standards."americantravelblogger.com
"Chile is one of the most popular countries in the world for its environmental qualities."thegreenpick.com
"Chile is by far the most sophisticated country in South America, yet its food reflects none of this sophistication."globetrottergirls.com
"Chile is one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries due to its location along the Ring of Fire."nomadicboys.com

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This itinerary proceeds through Chile. Most popular part is Santiago (see itineraries).
Mainly small cities are destinations. You can take a bath in Arica and Iquique. You can enjoy museums, theaters and galleries at
Santiago. You find the nightlife at Santiago. Many cities are warm in December. During your travel you have to speak Spanish. English should be enough for communication everywhere. These flight connections are taken during this route: Santiago - Arica and Calama - Santiago (more about Santiago).
The itinerary starts in South America, more precisely Chile. After that the itinerary proceeds Argentina. Most popular part is Santiago (see itineraries).
You can enjoy museums, theaters and galleries at
Santiago, Mendoza and Quinta Normal. If you love to make party you will be happy at Santiago (see itineraries). The climate is warm. Safe countries are chosen. If your passport is from Chile and you use the power sockets type C/L, then you would still need: I. During your travel you have to speak Spanish. English should be enough for communication everywhere. You will need Chilean Peso and Peso during this route.
This itinerary proceeds through Chile (South America). Most popular part is Santiago.
you can take a bath in
Valparaiso (more about Valparaiso itineraries). Do you like museums? Then you will enjoy Santiago and Quinta Normal. Many cities are warm in December. During your travel you have to speak Spanish. English should be enough for communication everywhere. These flight connection are taken during this route: Santiago (Santiago in detail) - Villarrica.
This itinerary proceeds through Chile in South America.
You find the nightlife at
Santiago. The climate is warm. During your travel you have to speak Spanish. English should be enough for communication everywhere. You can pay with Chilean Peso everywhere. These flight connections are taken during this route: Puerto Montt - Santiago (Santiago in detail) and Chanaral - Puerto Montt.
This itinerary brings you through Chile (South America). The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
The itinerary visits mainly small cities. You can take a bath in Arica and Iquique. Many cities are warm in December. There are two flight connections. These are La Serena - Arica and Calama - La Serena. During your travel you have to speak Spanish. English should be enough for communication everywhere.
The itinerary starts in Chile (South America). Bolivia are the next countries. The focus is mainly on not so famous cities.
You can enjoy museums, theaters and galleries at Santa Cruz de la Sierra. You find the nightlife at Santa Cruz de la Sierra. These flight connections are taken during this route: Hualpen - Calama and Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Hualpen. During your travel you have to speak Spanish . And if you speak only english it could be an adventure. Chilean Peso and
Bolivia (plan Bolivia itineraries)no are necessary to pay.

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Chile is a country like none other. The driest desert of the world, intriguing street art and azure beaches, deep-blue lakes and white rivers, lush national parks, clusters of legendary islands, penguin colonies, hundreds of active and inactive volcanoes, icy Andes, customary food and delicious wine, and ..

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Some of the best places to explore for a vacation are those that have a variety of activities available to you. This comes in handy for families, as not everyone is going to do the same thing, or at least at the same time. Lucky for you, we happen to know a place that has enough things to do that will keep everyone ...

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Not to miss the views of the Andes in Santiago, Chile. Photo by Pablo García Saldaña on Unsplash ...

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8 Beautiful and Best Places to Visit in Chile: Bucket List Inspiration8 BEAUTIFUL AND BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN CHILE: BUCKET LIST INSPIRATION Planning a trip to South America and looking for the best places to visit in Chile?! You’re in the right place! , but what about the Elqui Valley, Valparaiso (visit Valparaiso itineraries), and ..

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Eat & drink

Natural disasters: Serious earthquakes may occur in Chile during any time of the year. Before departing on your trip, you should ensure that you are familiar with the local emergency procedures. There are also several active volcanoes throughout Chile. When planning all the locations you wish to visit, you should make ...

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There are two small grocery stores where you can get basic food and some camping supplies. Despite this, we ate our weight in fresh pastry and bought 20 buns just for our 2-day border crossing. ...

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Almost all types of wildlife inhabit the land of Patagonia year round. None of these animals hibernate so the best time for photography depends on your personal preferences what you want to photograph and which colours you like. ...

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If you’re going to spend time in Chile, there are a few culinary delights and drinks you will want to try. Of course, we found the best way to discover the food was at acooking class with Chilean Cuisine in Valparaiso (see itineraries). ...

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You cannot apply for Chile visa by mail/courier. You can only apply it through the online system. ...

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This Patagonia Packing List will help you to prepare for your outdoor adventure in one of the most stunning regions of South America. I created this list based on my Patagonia trekking experiences in Chile as well as Argentina (Argentina itineraries) in the following regions: Torres del Paine (Torres del Paine in detail), Los Glaciares, Carretera Austral, Esquel and ..

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We flew by the national airline LANfrom Santiago to Calama, the world capital of copper, where a population of mainly mine workers live. We hired a car at the airport and drove for 100 kilometers through the desert towards San Pedro, a small village located on the Atacama Salt Flat at 2400m a.s.l.

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Although there are enough fuel stops along the way, the general best advice is to top up your tank at every opportunity. And, as shortages are not uncommon in certain areas, you don’t want to be relying on an upcoming fuel station only to find out there’s none in stock when you get there.


What maps should I use?

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If you are still in the planning stages of your trip to Chile and are on the hunt for new ideas, this guide should be just right for you. With the Andean mountain range and its slithery shape that flows the line of the Pacific ocean, this is a country for the more refined or adventurous backpacker.


Chile Itinerary

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Chile is a very long and narrow country offering a huge variety in naturel & cultural destinations. I enjoyed my trip to Chile with its unique nature and culture. Santiago de Chile is a huge city but the places of real interest are limited. If you like to go party all night long this is definitely possible in Santiago (visit Santiago itineraries) ...


Chile Itinerary Day 10 – 14: Easter Island

Chile Itinerary Day 8 – 10: Iquique

Chile Itinerary Day 3 – 7: Atacama Desert

Chile Itinerary Day 1 – 3: Santiago de Chile

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Chile is a LONG thin country. The north of Chile is one of the driest places in the world with the Atacama Desert and Salt Flats. Down south is the stunning Patagonia which crosses into Argentina. is between September and November when temperatures are pleasantly cool in the North.


Chile Itinerary Day Thirteen:

Chile Itinerary Day Seven:

Chile 2 Week Itinerary Day Three:

Chile Itinerary Day Eight:

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Select Page  CHILE A CHILE ROAD TRIP ITINERARY FROM SANTIAGO TO THE ATACAMA DESERT Especially when tackled in a camper van or jeep with rooftop tent. Our three-week journey had its challenges. Not least the worst flooding for 70 years in the Atacama Desert. Which, considering it’s one of the driest places ...

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Two weeks in a dramatic, coastal country without breaking the bank? This budget breakdown spans 13 days and 12 nights in Chile for two people, exploring Central and Northern Chile. That being said, I found that the two hotels, Icon Hotel Food is one area where we came in under budget without depriving ourselves or ...

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Chile isn’t cheap! This seems even worse when you compare prices with its neighbour Argentina. Compared to Europe and the UK, Chile still offers good value of money but less than Argentina. There are marked differences between prices of food especially with a meal costing around 12-15 GBP in Argentina (plan Argentina itineraries) with the same ...

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Except where noted, all images on the page were shot with an Olympus OMD em5 . This is my primary combination when I travel, as the zoom covers nearly every scenario. A mirrorless camera, it’s a lighter weight and smaller alternative to a DSLR. I, like many photographers, believe it is the camera for travellers, as it ...

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Bolivia (see itineraries) is another South American country with a lot to offer adventurous tourists. It is known as the cheapest country in South America and is thus great to travel if you are on a budget. If you love to get your adrenaline pumping there are some unique opportunities in Bolivia, one of the easiest 6000m peaks to ...


COLOMBIA travel cost

Travel Budget for Argentina

ECUADOR travel cost

VENEZUELA travel cost

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Arriving into town we’d heard of the Chili Kiwi and knew we wanted to check it out. After all, it’s not often you have the chance to stay in a hostel partially run by a fellow Kiwi in Chile! ...

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It’s possible to find guest house or cabaña accommodation along sections of the route if that’s what you’d prefer. But, in all honesty, this road trip is all about the wild outdoors. Which means sleeping in your camper or rooftop tent in a campsite. Or, for a more authenticoutdoor experience, wild camping ...

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There are several hostels and hotels in town. An advanced booking is not necessary and you can walk into the hostel and ask for a room. I stayed at the Don Luis, which is close to the main road and I don’t recommend that anyone stay there. ...

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Townsare few and far between in Pumalin Park so come prepared. If you arrive in from Puerto Montt in the north, you’ll reach Hornopiren first. ...

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