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"Chengdu is one of the coolest cities in China (visit China itineraries), so you might as well stick around a few days and explore."thebrokebackpacker.com
"Chengdu is mainly known for two things - pandas and spicy food."onthewayaround.com
"Chengdu is most famous for two things - the pandas living in the mountains, and the delicious, spicy food."stridetravel.com
"Chengdu is a great place for spicy food - I love spicy aubergine."travelwithkat.com
"Chengdu is definitely a modern city but it still has that traditional twist and this is one of the reasons why I loved it so much."dailytravelpill.com
"Chengdu is one of the biggest tea producing regions in China (more about China) so visiting this city without trying the tea is a blasphemy."dailytravelpill.com

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Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU)

Guanghan Airport (GHN)

About Chengdu

Chengdu is a world city (China (more about China)) with a population of 7,415,590. The nearest city of Chengdu is Zigong. Chengdu is in center China. It fits perfect for a cultural trip.

Things to do

Beware of scammers who prey on tourists. They are found both inside and outside the airport terminal and have fake though official-looking identification. In the suburb of Dujiangyan, Taoism and ancient engineering intermingle. On the western and southern part of the Funan River are teahouses and ..


Things to Do in Chengdu: What to See and Do

Things to Do in Chengdu: Where to Sleep

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Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province in southwest China is one of the most populous cities in the country, renowned for its unique giant panda bases and breeding centers. However, the city has much more than just giant pandas, though a Chengdu panda tour to see these cute and ..

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Are you planning a trip to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in China (China itineraries)? Find out some of the things you can do and see in this beautiful city.anshun bridge Chengdu it’s the capital of the Sichuan province, one of the most beautiful provinces in China. I visited Sichuan last year on a trip to photograph the snow ...

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. to visit the pandas and give no further thought to the other Chengdu tourist attractions. But Chengdu is a surprisingly pleasant city to wander around and there are plenty of fun things to do in Chengdu with kids beyond a Chengdu panda tour. We spent 3 days in Chengdu.

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Eat & drink

The Sichuan cuisine is famous in China and not only … it is famous for being very spicy … So be careful what you eat, you might set your mouth on fire. ...

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You can’t leave Chengdu, or the Sichuan province without eating hotpot. And while you are at Chunxi Street, there is a place called Xiaolongkan old hotpot. This is one of the best places in Chengdu to experience some great old authentic hotpot. If you can’t handle spicy food that much don’t go for a spicy pot flavor.

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Chengdu is a foodie’s dream. If you want to experience the local cuisine, you should definitely try the Hot Pot or Chuan Chuan. Chinese people are not joking when it comes to spiciness. The good news is that if you don’t like spicy food, you can dip it in sesame oil before eating it and the spiciness is gone.

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The capital of the Sichuan province abounds with points of interest you should discover during your Chengdu tour. ...

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Just a couple of days prior, I had been lying in bed and staring into my computer screen in my Chengdu apartment. SEO, social media, web design, photo optimization, support forums – I was tangled up in the early stages of getting my blog off the ground . I had no idea that in just 36 hours I’d be running off a cliff ...

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. puoi trovare delle buone offerte. Ricordati che la differenza principale tra gli hotel Cinesi e quelli internazionalinon è tanto nella qualità delle camere ma nella colazione. Se non ti entusiasma l’idea di iniziare la giornata con noodles e congee allora opta per un’albergo internazionale.

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. at the St Regis in Chengdu before we headed out for our evening entertainment. The buses took us to the Chinese Sichuan opera house. ...

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Baby Panda learns to climb a tree with giant Panda mama at the Chengdu Research Base Chengdu China is probably best known for its Giant Panda Research Center. And while this is a highlight of our Chengdu itinerary, it’s only one of several fascinating things to do in Chengdu and the surrounding area.


Our Chengdu itinerary

What to include in a Chengdu itinerary

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This itinerary will take you overland around 1500 kilometers from the city of Lijiang in Yunnan Province to the city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province. ...

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Kids are well catered for at this family-friendly Chengdu hotel. Rooms are made up with panda bedspreads and cuddly pandas to make them feel at home, there are kids toiletries, kids DVDs to hire and babysitting is available. It is worth considering booking a Horizon Club room if you are staying in this Chengdu hotel ...

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There are many hotels in Chengdu, most of them being oriented towards businessmen. Personally, I stayed in Sim’s Cosy Guesthouse . They organize tours at minimum costs around the Sichuan Province and help you with the Tibet Tourist Permit. ...

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I’ve searched for the best accommodation in Chengdu, for each budget. Chengdu is a city with lots of options in terms of hotels and hostels. Here are my recommendations: ...

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If you don’t like spicy foodit can be quite challenging to eat in a restaurant in this part of China (and in Yunnan ...

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