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"Guangzhou is a pretty large city so there 's tons of space for surprises."wanderwithjo.com
"Guangzhou is een handelsstad."gezinopreis.nl
"Guangzhou is pretty massive!"aminearlythereyet.com
"Guangzhou is rapidly catching up to Shanghai and Beijing."travel2next.com
"Guangzhou is in a hilly area; there is no high mountain around the city, the best place you can overlook the city is on Baiyun Mountain."unusualtraveler.com
"Guangzhou is the third biggest city in China, and is located barely two hours by bus from Macau (more about Macau)."peanutsorpretzels.com

South China

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Around Guangzhou


Foshan Shadi Airport (FUO)

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)

Guangzhou Zhengguo International Airport (TBD)

About Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a world city (China (China itineraries)) with a population of 14,000,000. And Guangzhou is in south China. Guangzhou gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a river. And the nearest neighbour city is Shenzhen.

Things to do

Living in a house of boys, I knew of Canton, Ohio because of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but I honestly didn’t know much about


Something to Do for Everyone

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. and has a huge airport hub connecting international flights to domestic or further international flights. Cheap business class


Layover in Guangzhou : 4-5 hours in Yuexiu Park

Layover in Guangzhou : 4-5 hours on Shamian Island

Layover in Guangzhou : 2-3 hours street food & Sacred Heart Cathedral

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Did you know the Lincoln Highway runs through Downtown Canton, Ohio? Neither did I until a recent visit. . Sure, fans flock to it


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3. Escape Room Downtown

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Eat & drink

, serving locally sourced fresh meals, for a wonderful burger and hand cut fries. ...

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One of the best things about Sino Trade Center is that Xin Tai Le Restaurant is adjacent to it! While I did enjoy several meals th

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To me, the most impressive parts of Guangzhou were Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Shamian Island, as it is an oasis in the giant city,

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As I already mentioned, Guangzhou is the southern centre of China (plan China itineraries), so it should be a mandatory part of your China (China itineraries) trip. Here are a

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If I would have to sell this idea to you, here is what I would say: Guangdong Province has the best food in China (plan China itineraries) (that’s what the

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Es una fábrica de latas abandonada poblada de restaurantes alternativos y galerías de arte. Como te podrás imaginar, es la zona

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Guangzhouis the geographical, historical and cultural core of the country’s southern part. Being such


Day 3 of your Guangzhou itinerary

Alternative itinerary for Day 3 in Guangzhou

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The first day, I recommend covering some of the main sights around the city. Depending where you are staying, you may be able to w


Day Two Itinerary in Guangzhou

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Our second hotel was fantastic, it was called South & North International Apartments . This place was brilliant! The location was

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Hi, I searched for that South & North International Apartments location. And I found three different locations for it. One put it

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China’s trading capital, formerly known as Canton attracts a mix of business travellers, city-break connoisseurs and was the home

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On the north side of the river is the old part of Guangzhou city center. One of the best destinations of Liwan is the Shangxiajiu


Affordable Luxury Hotels near Canton Fair:

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Tianhe:

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Yuexiu:

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