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"Guilin is one of the most beautiful places to live and work in China (China itineraries)."oneworld365.org
"Guilin is a city in China surrounded by beautiful limestone mountains."jonistravelling.com
"Guilin is located in Southern China and surrounded by the spectacular Karst mountains in Guangxi province."oneworld365.org
"Guilin is beautiful, i recommed it to everyone when visiting China."gobackpacking.com
"Guilin is still relatively laid-back and not as polluted."thepoortraveler.net
"Guilin is an amazing little town in the mountains."traveltoblank.com

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Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (KWL)

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Guilin is a city in the country China with 649,352 inhabitants. And also, the nearest neighbour city is Guangzhou. This city is located in south China (visit China itineraries). And also, Guilin fits perfect for a trip with much cultrue.

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. bucket list for years. After all, according to the Chinese it has “the finest landscape under heaven” and the surrounding scenery has inspired Chinese landscape paintings for centuries. It even features on the Chinese 20 Yuan banknote. The area is particularly famous for the Guilin mountains – spectacular karst ...

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Most people visit Guilin to take pretty pictures of the terraced rice fields. That was our plan but it didn’t quite work out how we wanted it to! However, there ARE other things to do in Guilin to keep yourself busy. Just make sure you remember your camera! One thing to remember is that it’s best to avoid visiting ...


What is the best thing to do in Guilin?

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Guilin is so much more than just it’s namesake city. Over the years the name Guilin has become synonymous with not just the city of Guilin, but the entire surrounding area. Draw a 100-kilometer radius around the city and you’ve got the part of China now commonly referred to as Guilin. Bare with me guys.


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Best Things To Do In Yangshuo

Best Things To Do In Xingping

Best Things To Do In & Around Guilin

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Having said that, there are some interesting activities to do even in Guilin. You can take the cruise on the river Lijiang (漓江 and that has nothing to do with another Lijiang, 丽江 ...

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We’d recommend hitting the streets by foot to explore on your first day. At our hostel on Jian Gan Road we were within a 20 minute walking distance of the city centre but the buses were also easy to navigate if you are staying a little further out. Line maps at the stops mean you can just count how many until you need ...

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I have a confession to make. None of these views are actually in Guilin City. I mentioned this in our Guilin Itinerary post , but most people, myself included, use Guilin as a blanket term to refer to both the city, and the surrounding area. ...

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Chinese food in China (visit China itineraries) is different to Chinese food we know back home. The people who own takeaway joints in England use Cantonese recipes, dating back to the time when Britain owned Hong Kong. ...

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Central Square – at the edge of this public square, the Lijiang Waterfall Hotel produces a gigantic cascading waterfall from its roof top once each evening. ...

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In case you weren’t already convinced before coming across this post, let me cement your decision to come to Guilin right here and now. ...

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Guilin is a stunning destination in China that will enthrall you with its scenic rivers, karst mountains, rice terraces, and caves. It is located in the southern part of China (more about China) and is popular because of its natural wonders. If you want an authentic Chinese countryside experience, here is your perfect one week Guilin ...

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We stayed in Guilin for four nights. This was our Guilin travel itinerary: ...

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After parking the bike, we then proceeded to wander around like lost puppies trying to figure out how in the world to rent a bamboo raft. Luckily, the lost puppy dog look really works for us as two women came up to us, and, with their help, we got our raft ...

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So, how much money should you budget for your trip to Guilin? ...

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Before you have a little look at my recommendations below I have to tell you that you are about to be spoilt for price and choice. You will be able to get immaculate hostels and hotels in Guilin for a fraction of the cost elsewhere in the world. Some of the recommendations below are really nice places to stay and ..


Jolie Vue Boutique Hotel

Eastern Plato Hotel

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Since I didn’t spend much time in Guilin, I have no particular hotel to recommend. You can find some good deals on Booking.com ...

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Once you get to Yangshuo, you are sure to want to stay around for a while to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Here are our picks of the best hotels in Yangshuo. ...

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Xingping is much smaller than Guilin or Yangshuo and so is its accommodation offer. Nevertheless, it is a great base to explore the area. Though the Yangshuo Xingping Autumn Inn is right in the old town, it is away from the noise. Across from the small river, you will find the elegant Melody Inn is farther away, they ...

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