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"Hangzhou is a historical and cultured city with a population of around 8 million people."oneworld365.org
"Hangzhou is best known for its famous West Lake, surrounded by mountains on three sides with a large natural island in the middle."solitarywanderer.com
"Hangzhou is the perfect city for a blend of spectacular scenery, delicious food, and a bustling city atmosphere."nomadasaurus.com
"Hangzhou is a favorite place for emperors throughout different dynasties."alwaystravelicious.com
"Hangzhou is one of seven ancient capitals with a famous lake known for its beauty."whereintheworldisnina.com
"Hangzhou is famous for their silk and you can find it in many shops on this street."whereintheworldisnina.com

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Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport (HGH)

About Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a world city (China) with over 6,241,971 people. This world city is located in the center of China. The nearest neighbour city of Hangzhou is Ningbo. It offers you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake.

Things to do

Long renowned as one of China’s most beautiful cities, Hangzhou was my favorite stop of the four cities in my eastern China (more about China) adventure. In my opinion, Hangzhou is worth at least a two-day stop. And it’s one of those places you could easily enjoy time and time again. Situated smack dab in the middle of Hangzhou, West ...

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Contents hide 1 Cruise the West Lake 2 Visit the Drum Tower 3 Lingyin Temple 4 Drink a Beer at Midtown Brewery 5 Learn All About Green Tea 6 Buy Some Silk 7 Eat at Grandma’s 7.1 Enjoyed these 7 Best Things to do in Hangzhou, China? Pin it for later! 7 Best Things to do in Hangzhou, China featured by top US travel ...


Visit the Drum Tower

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Located on the northern shore of the Qiantang River, not far from where the river empties into the East China Sea, is the city of Hangzhou , China. Not only is Hangzhou one of China’s most prosperous cities, it’s also one of its most visited. The city is known as one of the Seven Ancient Capitals of China (plan China itineraries) and ..

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Eat & drink

Next up was an afternoon tea pampering with seven kinds of chocolates for us to try – all made with choccie from France and accompanied by a chocolate drink. It was so delicious and decadent and we retired to the room for a little rest before it was time for dinner. Dinner was an incredible buffet (omg I had Aussie ...

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This popular chain restaurant started in Hangzhou and features local dishes. With a location near the West Lake, this is a great way to try regional flavors. ...

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China is extremely active. Gardens with paths and exercise areas for the elderly. When you wander in the early morning you will always find retirees out doing their exercise. Our social activities there centered around being active, with the running club, cross-fit, and the hash house harriers.

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Are you travelling to Hangzhou from Hong Kong this year? Then don’t forget to check the amazing flight deals on Cathay Pacific Renowned for its historical and beautiful sites, Hangzhou has a lot to see and do, and it’s one of the best-known destinations to visit in China. The city encompasses the area around West Lake.

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