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"Kunming is where a lot of businesses, corporations and government institutions are based."oneworld365.org
"Kunming is the obvious map inclusion, with lines radiating out to the neighbouring Southeast Asian nations."nomadicnotes.com
"Kunming is dubbed the city of eternal spring, because its technically in a tropical region but it's high in elevation."peanutsorpretzels.com
"Kunming is nicknamed the "spring city" because it is spring all year round."adventuresaroundasia.com
"Kunming is the only large city in Yunnan and it is developing incredibly fast."adventuresaroundasia.com
"Kunming is a beautiful city and I really enjoyed the time I spent there."adventuresaroundasia.com

South China

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Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG)

About Kunming

Kunming is a world city with a population of 3,855,346. Kunming is in the south of China. The nearest big city of Kunming is Lao Cai. It fits perfect for a cultural trip. Kunming offers you the possibility to relax next toby a lake.

Things to do

First built in the 17th century this park is free and open to the public. On the weekends it is bustling with many people, most of them ethnic minority people dressed in their traditional costumes singing, dancing and playing instruments together. Come in the winter time to see the seagulls that flock here to escape ...

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Any trip to a large Chinese city can be a bit overwhelming with cars, bikes, three-wheeled surreys, trucks, motorbikes, and people crisscrossing and pushing to get where they want to go. Kunming is no different – even at a mere 3.8 million population in the metro area, which doesn’t even put Kunming in the top 25 ...


Kunming Old Town

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This is an alleyway near Green Lake Park that is very popular and trendy. There are many different shops and restaurants here. Two such places were some of our favorites for eating and drinking in Kunming. Salvador (more about Salvador itineraries)’s Coffee House has delicious western fare with American size portions so if you’re having a craving for ...

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