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"Lijiang is also home to an "old town" with many shops and food stalls."adventuresaroundasia.com
"Lijiang is a much larger town than Shuhe, with considerably larger crowds to go along with it."annualadventure.com
"Lijiang is further up the mountains, and the Baisha Old Town used to be also a major city on the Silk Road."zewanderingfrogs.com
"Lijiang is a small city in the northwest area of the Yunnan Province of China (China in detail)."hitraveltales.com
"Lijiang is a hub for a minority culture."travel2next.com
"Lijiang is the social, political and cultural anchor for the Naxi or Nakhi people."explorient.com

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Lijiang is a big city in the country China with a population of 1,137,600. Lijiang is in east China. The nearest neighbour city is Kunming. It is a green city with a lot of nature. Lijiang gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a lake.

Things to do

If you’re traveling around Yunnan, there’s little doubt that you’ll be stopping by Lijiang at some point on your travels. Depending on the time of year you go, there can be quite a few tourists walking around the UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the more popular places getting a little crammed.

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The trick about exploring the Old Town is to dodge the other tourists as much as possible. Don’t stay on the all the main drags. Walk down an empty alley, climb up a hill, or stay on the edges of the Old Town. We stayed in Shùhé, which is another old town 5 kilometers from the main one.

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And in Today’s post we visit one of the most beautiful and preserved town of the Yunnan Region: the Old Town of Lijiang. We don’t stop just here, we move forward to unveila little secret, the town of Baisha, so close to Lijiang however so far away from the tourism trail, a town where the Chinese life goes by as it ...

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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is visible throughout old town Lijiang on clear days. ...

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Eat & drink

If you like beef jerky, then you will love dried yak meat, sold sweet or spicy. The product is not cheap though, and you might have to limit how much you purchase, especially if you’re traveling on a budget like we were, but we can assure that you will want to try dried yak meat at least once in your life (or make ...

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• There’s no need to use electric cars/carts to get around. The routes along which such carts are used are very walkable. • Wear warm clothing in layers and take sunglasses – although it was very cold when we went up the mountain, the sun was burning fiercely! • It is best to buy supplies in town.

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If you’ve been planning a trip to Yunnan, you will surely be familiar with one of the most famous Lijiang attractions – the picturesque lake, the bridge and the pavilion adorned with a snow-capped mountain in the distance is a well-known scene. You can enjoy that spectacular view from Black Dragon Pond Park, about 30 ...

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This itinerary will take you overland around 1500 kilometers from the city of Lijiang in Yunnan Province to the city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province. ...

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Guest houses, hotels, hostels and inns are scattered throughout Lijiang. There is no shortage in places to stay. ...

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. and loved it. The rooms were very well priced at just under $50 USD/night and the Inn, while slightly hard to find initially, was centrally located near all of Shuhe Ancient Town’s restaurants and attractions. ...

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For convenience, most visitors choose to stay within the old town, or along its fringes. ...

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During our stay in Lijiang we chose to stay within the old city since we wanted to feel a bit of that ancient town ambience. We stayed at Lijiang Ju Xian Inn in a room with private bathroom for around 100 RMNa night, and thoroughly enjoyed the guesthouse although the wi-fi often played up.

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