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"Macau is great-such an interesting mix of cultures and influences!"wander-lush.org
"Macau is part of the Pearl River Delta metropolitan region, the most populated area in the world."everydaywanderer.com
"Macau is only 37 miles from Hong Kong, where I was, making the temptation to visit too hard to resist."goworldtravel.com
"Macau is one of the easiest destination that I can go to but I always skip it."anotsoyoungwomanabroad.com
"Macau is often regarded as the Vegas of the East, with more spangly casinos and shining lights than you can shake a stick at."gallivantgirl.com
"Macau is known for its Portuguese history and beautiful ancient churches."peanutsorpretzels.com

South China

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Chek Lap Kok International Airport (HKG)

Macau International Airport (MFM)

Zhuhai Jinwan Airport (ZUH)

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (SZX)

About Macau

The city Macau has a population of 650,900. Adore the wonderful walks along the sea at Macau. It is known for the great nightlife. Macau is located in south China. Macau fits perfect for a cultural trip. Macau offers you the possibility to relax next toby a lake.

Things to do

There are several things to do in Macau. But if you are in time crunch and have only a day to spare then here is a list of must se

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In this post, I will share with you the tips and ideas for Macau in one day: the best things to see and do, as well as some intere


Summary of one day in Macau: best things to see and do

Explore the casinos

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Macau has an interesting and exciting history, and the city is the top casino center in Asia. • Historic Centre – Macau began as a


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Eat & drink

The best way to get to know a city is through its food and that’s no exception when traveling to Macau. Macau is a hub for many di

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» Where to Find the Fanciest Food in Macau» When it comes to Macau, this little administrative region from China is famous around

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. is that both areas are infamous dining destinations. Macau is one of the most surprising foodie cities in Asia complex is loade


Where to Eat in Galaxy Macau

Where to Eat in Galaxy Macau – The Cheaper Eats

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Worth to visit

. is complete without at least a day spent in Macau discovering its many delights. Macau is unusual in two respects. The first is

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Casinos and gambling may be what Macau is known for but that is not why I wanted to visit Macau. I’ve always loved dim sum and was


The Cultural Side of Macau

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As much as travelling is about meeting new people, listening to tales of historical importance and seeing sights of significance,

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Macau used to be a Portuguese colony, but in 1999 the city was officially handed over to China (plan China itineraries). It still remains a special adminis

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And it used to be under Portuguese domain in the past. There many Macau tourist spots that you can’t miss. We will write a perfect


Day 1 Macau Itinerary

More Days in Macau Itinerary

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Hong Kong and Macau are among the best places to visit for travelers who plan to go on their first trip abroad. Not only are there

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Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel via more shuttle waiting near Grand Lisboa to pick up our bags and get in line for the shu

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If you’re traveling to Hong Kong and Macau anytime soon or just thinking of visiting Hong Kong and Macau in the future, you might

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If possible, book a flight to Hong Kong and then take a return flight from Macau, or vice versa. This way, you get to see and disc

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Ferry fares go up on the weekend, so try to travel to Macau on a weekday. Make sure there are no big events on in Macau on the day

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Macau Venetian Hotel stay in a Royale Deluxe Suite with Gondola Ride Experience ...

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. website, Regency Hotel Macau is actually rated as a 5 stars hotel. However, our experience during our recent stay was not up to

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. is the cheapest hotel in Macau. If you’ve ever dreamed of staying in an old-world flophouse in the Far East, then this is your


Mid-range Hotels

5 star hotels in Macau

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