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At Meizhou(China) live about over 144,212 people. Further the nearest big city is Longyan. This town is in the south of China. Further Meizhou gives you the possibility to relax next to by a river.

Things to do

Bloom Micro-ventures is a non-profit social enterpriseproviding microcredit to women living below the poverty line in developing countries using a unique model that harnesses the power of responsible tourism and micro-finance to alleviate poverty. This unique award-winning tour gives you the ...

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Tired of a pool life at your resort, spa treatments, and staring at serene views from your private terrace? Here are some things to do in Mai Chau that will keep you more active: ...


* Visit a local market

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If you are a lover of all things green, fresh and peaceful, then Mai Chau is a great stop. ...


Things To Do in Buoc Village: Cycle

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The following Mai Chau tours can be booked through Mai Chau Lodge. ...

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Eat & drink

We didn’t eat anywhere else other than at Le Maison De Buoc. Primarily because there are no other places to eat in the Buoc Village! We had told the manager ahead of time that we were vegan and what that entailed and so they catered just for us. Again, we had the standard tofu in tomato sauce with steamed rice, veggie ...


What to Eat in Pu Luong:

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If you are interested to know where to stay in Mai Chau Valley, we recommend some of the best hotels for different budgets. ...

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Just down the road from her home was an open-air shop with an endless inventory of locally made scarves, purses, coin pouches, and other textile goods. Even though we had just purchased a scarf from the woman down the street, these items are inexpensive, compact for packing, and ..

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While many visitors choose to experience the local culture by booking with a homestay, like we did in Sapa ...


Mai Chau Valley View Hotel

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. is the recommended place to stay when visiting Mai Chau. Mai Chau Lodge is located just outside town and within 1 km of the ethnic minority villages of Lac, Poom Coong and Nhot. It is an easy walk to these villages, you just follow the small road through the rice fields behind the hotel.

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Our mission in Mai Chau was clear: to soak in tranquility and worry about nothing for a couple of days. As much as we love staying in local accommodation, this time we opted for an eco-friendly resort, Sol Bungalows , so we could enjoy the peace of the valley with comfort and a bit of luxury.

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Mai Chau is full of budget accommodation options, mainly in the form of homestays. Whilst many of these homestays are not quite so authentic, they still offer a reasonable idea of how the local tribes live. Most of them are simply a mat on a wooden floor and often the toilet will be outside.

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