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"Sanya is perhaps the only beach resort destination in China, almost unheard of in many countries."wanderwithjo.com
"Sanya is one such exotic locale fondly termed as the "."wanderwithjo.com
"Sanya is a bit far from both Monkey Island and Boundary Island, so in the last five years, the Hainan tourism board has spent their resources building up Lingshui from a tiny run-down city to a go-to destination."adventuresaroundasia.com

South China

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Sanya Phoenix International Airport (SYX)

About Sanya

Sanya is a town in the country China (visit China itineraries) with 144,753 inhabitants. Further it gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a river. The nearest neighbour city of Sanya is Da Nang. Further enjoy the beautiful beaches at Sanya. Sanya is located in south China (see itineraries). Further Sanya is a very green city with a lot of nature.

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We were invited for Hello Sanya tourism board and we really enjoyed our time there. We will write about our favorite things to do in Sanya from adventure to relax in the beaches. Also we will explain with details how to move around, how to get the visa, where to stay in our full Sanya travel guide. .

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. things to do in Sanya, Sanya travel guide, Binglanggu Hainan Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park ...

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The main facility of the Holiday Inn Sanya Resort Bay is its pool. This is of course the most important in a resort and I can guarantee that it’s a great pool. It’s large, well designed with a nice garden around it and above all in very good condition. There is a small shop where you can rent for a small fee some toys ...

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Sanya has 25 kilometers long areas to stay. We liked it Sanya Bay because was quiet and it was easier to go for local life. The resorts area will have all the comfort that you need but little bit far from Sanya city center and local life. ...

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