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"Shenzhen is one of the most popular cities in China (more about China)."happytowander.com
"Shenzhen is the only Tier-1 city in the southern region of China other than Guangzhou."gomadnomad.com
"Shenzhen is now said to be one of the fastest-growing cities in the world."llworldtour.com
"Shenzhen is a city without an obvious central point."nomadicnotes.com
"Shenzhen: Got scammed by a taxi who took us the long way - just had to suck that one up."nomadicmatt.com
"Shenzhen is an urban area located in Guangdong Province, immediately north of Hong Kong."aworldtotravel.com

South China

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Chek Lap Kok International Airport (HKG)

Macau International Airport (MFM)

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (SZX)

About Shenzhen

At the world city Shenzhen(China) live 10,000,000 people. Furthermore, Shenzhen offers a lot of culture. Shenzhen is located next to a lake. Furthermore, it is located by the sea. The nearest big city is Guangzhou. Furthermore, Shenzhen is in south China.

Things to do

Clearly, the young age of the city means that there is limited interest for history buffs. On the other hand, the sheer scale and speed of development of the city is interesting and unique in itself. The authorities actively encourage tourism so you can find several destinations in Shenzhen that may be of interest.

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What is truly amazing though is the speed in which the city has grown. Shenzhen city center is filled with skyscrapers but the outskirts may look unfinished. I love Shenzhen and its ambience. In this post, I will share practical travel tips for visiting Shenzhen to help you make the most of your trip.

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There are a fair amount of things to see in Shenzhen, but here, I’ll be handpicking my favourites and leaving out ones that are just a bit too cliche. ...

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