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"Xian is one of the few places on the Silk Road that I didn't get to I really must go there one day."carlysadventuresafar.com
"Xian is home to the famous Terracotta Warriors and should be on your list if you love history."travel2next.com
"Xian is new China and it can be hard to find these hidden historical buildings which to tourist eyes are few and far between."live-less-ordinary.com
"Xian is a fascinating and beautiful city at night and we make the most of the limited time we have there."live-less-ordinary.com
"Xian is a veritable treasure trove of Chinese culture."stridetravel.com
"Xian is another busy, crowded Chinese city with a large, new station far from town."rovingretirement.com

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Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (XIY)

Xi'an Xiguan Airport (SIA)

About Xian

Xian is a world city with a population of 6,501,190. Also Xian is in the center of China. The nearest city is Xianyang.

Things to do

Our visit to Xian was an exciting whirlwind of nail biting adventure, captivating history and mouth watering gastronomy. It has virtually everything we look for in a city and is definitely towards the top of the “favourites list” of places we went to in Asia. Though a visit wouldn’t be complete without seeing the ...

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After lunch, we were taken to the train station for a 3 hour high speed train trip to Xian. While it was high speed trip, the rest of the train ride had nothing to recommend it. The 2 and 3 configuration of the train also had couples split up for the train ride. But we had no loyalty status with the Wyndham brand.


So Many Great Things To Discover in Xian China

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Lately we’ve been receiving quite a lot of emails from people wondering if it’s at all possible to do a tour to Mount Hua Shan, including transport, a guide and of course access to the Plank Walk and the world’s most dangerous hike. ...

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If you are visiting this region specifically to see the terracotta warriors, they are located in the Lintong District, 35 kilometers from Xi’an city center. To see them, visit the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum. The Lintong Museum gives additional insight into the area.

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Eat & drink

Xian came to fame as the capital city for 13 dynasties including the Tang and Chang’an Dynasties – it was the largest city in the world during these times. This show recreates the look and feels of entertainment during this era with a dance and music show. You will be collected from your hotel and ..

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Oh wow, this sounds absolutely mad- I would love to have a chance to see how much it freaked me out! Great photos guys! ...

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It would be a crime to write a Xian itinerary and not include a visit to the Terracotta Army, so start your day nice and early to be able to devote as much time as you need here. The bus leaves every 10 minutes so you are not going to have to wait long. The journey takes around an hour but is well worth it when you ...

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Highlights of Xian China include the City Wall, the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and temple, and the army of the terracotta warriors. Read the article to see more images. Our one day Xian itinerary looks better on paper than in practice. Flying in and out of the former capital city of China (China in detail) on the same day left no room for ...


Xian Itinerary Third Stop: Lunch

Xian Itinerary Second Stop: Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

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And at most of these we had loyalty status. But we had no loyalty status with the Wyndham brand. So we were not sure what to expect from this hotel stay. ...

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Just east of Xi’an city center, is the central residential area of Xincheng. The proximity to all of Xi’an’s main attractions and quiet atmosphere make this a great place to stay, especially for those visiting China (China in detail) with children. Xincheng Plaza is a prime shopping destination, and ..


Affordable Luxury Hotels in Xi’an City Center:

Affordable Luxury Hotels in Yanta District:

Weiyang – Where to stay in Xian for relaxation

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I am planning a return trip to Xian, because it truly is that wonderful, and I plan on staying in the Muslim Quarter. I like the vibe, the street food, and it is still within walking distance of many sights. ...

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