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"Yangshuo County is beautiful, full of Karst Mountains, incredible hikes and the famous Li River."danflyingsolo.com

South China

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Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (KWL)

About Yangshuo County

Yangshuo County is a village in the country China. Furthermore, this village is located in south China (plan China itineraries). Yangshuo County gives you the possibility to relax after a long city walk next toby a river. Furthermore, the nearest big city of Yangshuo County is Guilin.

Things to do

) Here’s a two-day itinerary on what to do in Yangshuo to get you started so you can explore all its natural beauty. A tributary of its more famous neighbor, the Yulong River is where you can actually experience bamboo rafting, which is no longer an option on the Li River. But once you get past the first 5-10 ...


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Having said that, there are some interesting activities to do even in Guilin. You can take the cruise on the river Lijiang (漓江 and that has nothing to do with another Lijiang, 丽江 ...

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Our personal favorite activity we did in Yangshuo was hiking up TV Tower. We found out about TV by asking a few locals their favorite activities in Yangshuo. At first, it seems like a super daunting hike… just looking up there were tons of stairs! ugh.. ...


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We don’t want to leave the impression that we didn’t like anything about Guilin since that’s not true. Of course, the nicest thing about Guilin is the views, so ask for a room on a high floor in a hotel close to the river. You can also have coffee or lunch in a rooftop restaurant to admire the views.


What to Do in Yangshuo

What to Do in Xingping

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While there are tons of options for accommodation on the West Street – ranging from cheap hostels to luxury hotels – I’d highly recommend staying out at Tripper’s Carpe Diem. Located a few kilometers from the town, this place has a beautiful view from the patio, friendly staff, delicious food, and ..

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Since I didn’t spend much time in Guilin, I have no particular hotel to recommend. You can find some good deals on Booking.com ...

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For the four days we were in Yangshuo we were guests of the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat ...

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Once you get to Yangshuo, you are sure to want to stay around for a while to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Here are our picks of the best hotels in Yangshuo. ...

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