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"Zhangjiajie is one of the most outstanding geological and forest parks in the world."executivethrillseeker.com
"Zhangjiajie is one of the most extraordinary landscapes on the planet."earthtrekkers.com
"Zhangjiajie is still a small town surrounded by mountains, with a small airport and no high-speed railway."thesanetravel.com
"Zhangjiajie is best known for its massive pillar-like geological formations."greenglobaltravel.com
"Zhangjiajie is a bit hard to access but still super appealing to tourist crowds."executivethrillseeker.com
"Zhangjiajie is still hard to get to, even though we are talking about one of China's premier tourist attractions."happyfrogtravels.com

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Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport (DYG)

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Zhangjiajie is a town (China (China itineraries)) with a population of 86,083. And also, Zhangjiajie is located in center China. You will find a lot of nature in Zhangjiajie. And also, Wuhan is the name of the nearest neighbour city. Zhangjiajie is located next to a river.

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Will I go back to Zhangjiajie? Probably yes since the weather was very bad and I really want to see how beautiful this place is, but I hope to do so as soon as possible since I know very well that as time passes by there are going to be more and more tourists. ...

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Eat & drink

There are several vendors across the park selling local food. The food is fine if you are adventurous and don’t mind trying food without knowing what it is. But it wasn’t for me. ...

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Worth to visit

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is one of those places everyone should have the privilege to visit. The place is so overwhelmingly beautiful that photos and words can’t describe it. The entire area is huge and difficult to grasp. Therefore, choosing well where to stay in Zhangjiajie is essential.

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To experience walking on what is currently the world’s highest and longest glass bridge. ...

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. has lived in China off and on since 2011, exploring extensively most corners of the country. Here, she shares her travel tips for a luxury visit to the fairytale Avatar mountains, Zhangjiajie. Zhangjiajie is a real hidden treasure for everyone who loves mountains, nature and, above all, hiking.


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Our hotel receptionist was brilliant. She gave us a map and explained different possible routes. Time inside the park is of essence since it closes early and you might get locked in. We were only 10 minutes from the western gate so we entered the park on foot and were among the few tourists to take the park bus.

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This is a list of what you’ll have to pay to visit the main scenic spots without counting the transfer to a different location. As you can see it’s ridiculously expensive and also very confusing. If you add up all the tickets you’ll pay a whopping 1300+ ...

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To visit Tianmen Mountain, stay at one of the many hotels and hostels in Zhangjiajie City , the town just outside of the park entrance. Filter your search in Agoda ...

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108¥/night for a twin bed room with aircon from 8pm to 9am. Bajie hostel has a very interesting value add service, they have a free guide consultation service every night at 7.30pm. You can get information from the “guide” on how to get to the various attractions at ...

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, the town just outside of the park entrance. Filter your search in Agoda ...

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Si todavía no estás seguro cuál es el mejor lugar donde alojarse en Zhangjiajie tenemos una idea para ti. Como te contamos anteriormente, la mayoría de la gente entra al parque a través de alguna de las tres puertas principales. Consecuentemente, poca gente usa las puertas de Yangjiajie y de Zimugang.

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