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"Grecia is a mountain town known as one of the more affordable communities in Costa Rica."alittleadrift.com
"Grecia is a nice local town that is known for having the "greatest weather in the world."mytanfeet.com
"Grecia is the ideal place to visit to see a typical Costa Rican town."mytanfeet.com
"Grecia is a super popular town with expats or San Ramon."mytanfeet.com
"Grecia is smaller, so there are fewer options than a big city like San Jose, but their style of life is also conservative, so keep that in mind if you hope to eat out more often than they tend to."alittleadrift.com
"Grecia is like other Costa Rica (more about Costa Rica)n towns with a central park and church."mytanfeet.com

North Costa Rica

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Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO)

Tobias Bolanos International Airport (SYQ)

La Fortuna Arenal Airport (FON)

Quepos Managua Airport (XQP)

Guápiles Airport (GPL)

About Grecia

(Costa Rica (Costa Rica in detail)) Grecia has a population of 76,898. The nearest city of Grecia is Alajuela. Grecia is in center Costa Rica.

Things to do

When it comes to things to do, it’s close to the city and other attractions so you’re in a great location. By car, you can easily

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Eat & drink

Il nome di questo piatto, kleftiko, deriva dal termine greco “klefti“, cioè briganti. Questi, infatti, si opposero agli ottomani e

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Villas Escondidas: Small hotel close to downtown Grecia with gardens, a small waterfall, outdoor pool and terrace. The price for a

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. è il posto giusto se hai voglia di una pita! Con 10 euro si mangia in due e si esce più che soddisfatti! ...


Restaurant Estia

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If you love fresh mountain weather, Grecia has exactly that. It doesn’t get too hot like the coast, it’s not humid and the air alw

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Finca Vibran Bed and Breakfast: small hotel located in a coffee farm in San Isidro de Gracia with trails, coffee plantation, garde

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